-1, another one has gone, bye fonix232



Today is the sad day when I quit the Symbian community.

It has many reason I chose this. First of all, the huge selfishness what popped up in the community in the last year. When I came to Symbian two years ago, it was all about modding, sharing discoveries, and all modders, programmers, users were equal, and friendly. And now when I look around, I only see selfishness all around, everyone who knows a little bit won’t share it with the others, and people aren’t making THEIR stuff, but instead stealing it from other forums, from other users. Just as an example, the new NaviFirm 0.3, what says it is developed by a Turkish/Arabian/other guy (sorry I’m not too good in recognizing languages by names), and there is no any sign of the original developer, who discovered the Nokia site’s API; or the Samsung Omnia Widget homescreen. But about this last one, I will tell you a bit later.

Second, the bullshit of PNHT. Promising through months, using people, not giving credit, stealing other people’s stuff. What do you think, Marco (Il.Socio) why stopped working on it? No, it isn’t because of the “no support received”, I tell you! It is because our dear PNHT (exception goes on rem_dm, who is a good fella, and wasn’t working with them that time, and Adonix, who is a great friend too – he worked on his own) took his discoveries about the FPSX format and published the app made by it without ANY CREDIT (I’m not saying the whole format is by Marco – first part of it was from an application made by HeX some years ago. Of course I can’t see his name either anywhere). Or talk about the Samsung Widget homescreen. Who worked months on it? Who? Of course not steven – he just take our last beta release and did his own – but liliantungary and me. We worked hard on it, published every single tests over the forum. And in the finish line, how suprising, PNHT jumps in, and claims they did it. I had some fixes I did not share, what fixed redbug and volume bug, increased battery life, and without changing anything in gadget.swf. And don’t even ask for them, I will NOT share anything else. Not anymore. Those fixes can be found in a public CFW made by one of my friends, you can find it searching some Hungarian Nokia forums. Good luck with it! Then there is the C6 firmware porting. I had this in my mind even before the first firmware of the phone was published. The day it was released I asked steven for it – I got a negative answer. Ok, that’s not the problem, but there is something else. You may remember the post where they ask for help from us to find the missing drivers, etc, for their firmware. Of course no inside beta release, so we had to wait hours, maybe days to have some feedback. Then, of course, PNHT fixed all the bugs, using our files, our research, without credit. And naturally who is asked for the beta testing? Not those people who KNOWS how to debug, how to track bugs, errors, and other, not those who have helped a lot, but some who never ever worked on something like this, never ever did debug! I’m not talking about lilian, or MR. X, but the people like shadowninty. No, bro, I am not against you, I am just telling that you were not ready for such a job. But why ask the guy who knows Symbian very well, and has experience, and good ideas?

Oh and do not mention PNHT gets lots of donations for the work they didn’t even do. And when asked, what do they share? Buggy tools and releases, crappy unusable shit, and so on. Many of their projects are discontinued, and left people with a buggy last release, without proper crediting to the ones who committed to it.

Then, there are the dumb users. The users who can’t use the search feature, who spam 10 threads with the same question, and asks again after a page even if their question is answered, who can’t speak proper english (I am not saying I am perfect. I know I have grammar problems, I admit it. I am talking about those who’s first/tenth/xth post’s content is “I WANT IT NAO” or something similar). I keep getting PMs from unknown people, who dare to not just ask nicely about something, but demand, command something on me. These people freaks me out. Two years ago it was a RULE to read, and re-read at least three times, and ask just after it. Now, looks like, this is gone. I want it back!

Now as a last point, dictatorship. If you aren’t so blind, you can see that PNHT are overhelming us, using the users, the developers, as tools. When they need us, they are nice, treating us as their favorite ones, but after we finish the job, we are nothing. A good example is MR. X. – he was asked to beta test the C6 firmware. Under the tests he was treated like a real member of PNHT, got any updates he asked for. After the release, when he asked PNHT about an APAC port of C6 – he got no answer. Not even a negative one, just no reply. I hope this is a deterrent example!

So as a little index, why I leave:
– Stealing
– No respect to the REAL developers
– Dictatorship of self-appointed people who did nothing but stealing.

I am sorry that the old community is over. A year ago we were all like brothers, and now we live like a bureaucratic dictatory. I had enough of this. So I am off, I quit. I already got a new phone and joined Android community with my HTC G1. I’m happy with it, compared to my old 5800 it is double as fast, at least ten times better, and I could continue. I will NOT come back, maybe after the release of Symbian^4 – that may change many things. Of course I will watch the happenings – I always do – and if I see that there are people who think like me, and want to resist this change, turn it back, or something like that, I will help. Not with releases, with modding, but with words. Just like this post. It isn’t really about my leaving – it is about opening the eye of the people. My last try, my last chance to help – and I want to use it. It depends on you what you choose – I can’t do it for you. It is all you, alone, but together, against the supressors. Until I can’t see the change, but the respect to the developers, or let me correct, the deficiency of respect, I will not do anything but sit and laugh. If you have a bigger IQ than a snail, you will do what I wrote about. It isn’t for me to come back – it is for your freedom.

If this state changes, and only then, I will come back and help.

Oh and for you to see what you lost:
– All my mods. I won’t release them to ANYONE. A fast table of contens: Omnia widget hs port (without touchwiz widgets) what does not need Omnia flash, a proper and full Satio/Vivaz SE HS with flash background support, the modified omniahs binaries patched by me, a lot of info about Symbian^3, N8, and other stuff, the new firmware file format of the Nokia N8 (already cracked uda and rofs2), and a lot more.
– All my knowledge. I will not help anyone with Symbian, any Symbian stuff, any modding or anything. At least not here. I may post about stuff over SF, and some other forum, but I do no more development or help.
– Me. I think it is enough itself, without the first two options.

So please think about it. Think about your status, your position here, and think what you would have become if you came a few years ago. If you feel you are underestimated, used, and you are not happy with this, FIGHT. For yourself, for the community.
OR, if you are an Android owner, you can ask for help. Not here, in PM, and I will help.

25 thoughts on “-1, another one has gone, bye fonix232

  1. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

    Fuck urself faenil leave modding issue to professionals. Fuck off you do not deserve the money you get from STUPID people

    why are u using my rss feed then? πŸ™‚ ehheheh you cunning boy…

  2. @lalala the only “STUPID people” i can see is you. Why are you here? If we’re stupid why are you here? Just go away, and never came back, please…you don’t even deserve my attention…bah.

    Related to the post, these words are perfecty sharable, “I only see selfishness all around, everyone who knows a little bit won’t share it with the others” for example.
    I’m not happy to say that, but i’m going to save money to buy and Android Phone…unless Faenil give us the n2o5 xD (Faenil i’m kidding, just relax now and do your exams…!)

  3. I think FONIX232 did the right thing.
    He really needs a time-out!

    If he cannot stand the heat, he really needs to get out of the kitchen!

    😈 😈

  4. Hello,

    I must be honest with you, i use hx, but i also believe that you are very important to our community, that helps get our phones to a higher level and thatΒ΄s important, so keep developing, and donΒ΄t care about what others say.


  5. @lalala you are such a coward you dont even dare using your real nickname to show who you are.And if you dont like it here why do you even come here?

  6. It’s clear as a mountain spring water by now… true effort and knowledge by people endorsing real scene spirit, and are switching platform, is cause they have better things to do in their life and are tired of usual BS endorsed by few pompous greedy pricks. I don’t blame them, at least, cowards and layers will be left in their own small piece of… ‘community’, shall we call it so? Then again, 10k posts of BS is no sign of true innovation nor community driven spirit when they don’t want to be the part od the same scene that did so much for them.

    Latest (usual) BS – working Swype on i8910. HA-HA-HA. It was Bukest who did it first! But hey, someone else is taking the credit already. Go figure… same ol, same old…

    All I have to say to end this post is:

    Way to go fonix! Farewell and I please do continue your precious work on Android platform, I hope I’m switching boat soon enough to see great stuff you’re able to pull and share with everyone, as other Android devs are doing. I could care less for S^3 or even S^4 and sooner I’m leaving Symbian with crapload of dishonest and immature shitheads, the better I will feel.

    This doesn’t involve Faenil and couple of other people who’re still working hard on i8910 and to provide everyone with great stuff.

  7. Yo,

    I don’t know this dude, because I’m not in the “MoDdiNG ScEnE”.
    But you sound like a douche. Sounds like your suffering in real life from your internet life.
    Taking yourself very VERY serious acting like your a prince or something.

    Not trying to offend anyone, I could be wrong since I don’t know this dude. But still… Get a life.

    is this comment referred to me or to fonix?

  8. hallo andrea not a teacher in English then use google translator or tried to make sense of what you wrote and I can tell you one thing right and I also noticed that either but I can also say that these problems will also years users of other operating systems and if it does not initially known and only the fact that initially everyone needs to know to improve and then share and then you do not hear any more so here as you can steal information and then not more of filarti other things or read an article similar to an i-phone user who complained of the same problems so at this point tell you where you go you will always find the same problems

  9. I don’t know this FONIX232 fellow, but i can definitely sympathize with his decision to leave the modding scene. Much of what he describes is unfortunately very true and i fear more will follow in his footsteps, by giving up out of despair and frustration of how things have turned out.

    And we’ll be left with all the junk..all the ones who don’t do modding for the fun, challenge and desire to help others. But just do get more donations or some sort of stardom. They are unfortunately also the ones with lesser skill and motivation, resulting in even more and more buggy hacks and firmware. It’s a selfdestructive path.. quite sad.

    Good luck to you, FONIX232. Hopefully your efforts will be appreciated somewhere else πŸ™‚

  10. “ONE OF THE BIGGEST SYMBIAN MODDERS” LOLOLOL. Yep, he is modding with his mouth only. We never see any release or any useful stuff or something from this 15years old guy (yes sure, probably he has a lot of experience LOL), just the big phrases. The 90% of his posts are in OFFTOPIC topics.
    He does always the same as now, everybody took his ideas, everybody is jealous because don’t give a beta or any private stuff, blablabla. But the sadly reality that this guy has only two ability: read a qestion on forum1, ask the same on forum2, got an answer on forum2, write this answer to forum1 as his own idea. bullshit, we read some forums and see these pathetic attempts. The other is the begging of betas. LOL. And if someone got something, then this guy post it to other forums and the users on forum thought he’s an awesome modder and developer. No, he is nobody. FAKE and GAY. That’s the reality. The symbian scene will be better without pimpled and minorty complex little gayboys.

  11. Hi, i still think this is not down to a people but a fact that there is no many symbian phones to mod there is no so many original firmwares and there for everythink is limited so ideas. People never change, i am sure there are exact same people at android. All i can see is excuses about that and that, you people need to get on with your lives and if you do so don’t take advantage of others. I’m not a moder and neverwill be but i like symbian, it does all i need and better and i will stay, it will get better with s3, s4 or meego. All i can say is thanks very very much for your contribution and stay in peace. There is still a lots of ideas and lots of ways to go, i got all respect for all moders and people involved, it is amazing how this phone changed. Well done for all of you, and hope it will get better. Thank you very much.

  12. joe_king says:
    September 5th, 2010 10:42 pm

    Sorry, no quoting cause it’s not needed. If he never did anything, then it must have been you who ported Omnia HS to Nokia Xm5800, amongst other things…


  13. @joe_king

    100% true m8! I couldn’t agree more than that πŸ™‚

    LOL! Open wide your eyes!! Ported Omnia HS?? Hahahahahaha! This porting only worked when PNHT put their hands on! Without them, it wouldn’t be even possible! Plus, they did already give him and lilian Credit back when they released the HS. Although, i think that they should’ve gave him a proper one πŸ™‚

    LOL! You cracked N8 file format (ROFS2 and UDA) Well, i’m laughing my ass off right now! because if you use NFE 0.2, then you will already notice that it can extract all ROFS (1,2,3)! It doesn’t support UDA from the beginning, so i couldn’t test that.
    So now what? If anyone will release soemthing for N8, you will say that he stole your work and ideas!!!?? Just grow up! You’re better off to leave Symbian, maybe you’ll find your place in XDA πŸ˜‰

  14. fonix left.

    And leave lilituangry out of this… it’s not the first time someone ‘forgot’ why/what/etc… and lili is not blaming anyone at all. Giving credits after using someone else work is a very nice touch – NOT.

    Go back to your hole and preach to your own god there, there is no fonix here you know! We i8910 users are not interested in yet more trolling around, we already have HX and his IQ60 fans for that.

    KTHX & BYE

  15. I always told to Fonix to do not speak on my behalf!!! Damn kid!!! 😐
    I already wrote on DailyMobile why I stopped working on NokiaCooker and that’s the ONLY reason!
    Me and PNHT had our divergencies in the beginning, but we solved them long time ago and now everything is fine on both sides… as I said times ago on DM, we’re many, there are many groups and forums, but the scene is ONE.
    Sometimes there’s cooperation and sharing of ideas, some others there isn’t, anyway, no matter what, we’re all always working for the same purpose and that’s the only thing that really matter!


  16. Faenil thank you very much for your great work for i8910HD. You made a great phone by your firmware. Without it it is a crap :-).
    I hope that you will be happy.
    See u man

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