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Hi fonix,

First of all, i’m really sorry that you’r leaving the Symbian platform.

I truly consider you a dear friend, but i guess that you have been so harsh on PNHT and i feel obligated to reply and clarify things out (although i don’t like this kind of stuff).

1- Regarding stealing FPSX file format from Marco: When i first started exploring the FPSX file format and discovered the 54 packets, i wasn’t even aware of a tool called BB5 extractor by Hex. Szakalit joined me on this task and, together with him, we discovered the meaning of fields in the 54 packets. Lots of this has been shared here on DMF. Marco (il.socio), even having the sources of BB5 Extractor, he didn’t have cracked the full file format and he turned to us for some info, which Szakalit shared with him. If it wasn’t the case, then Marco should have released his NokiaCooker long before PNHT released NokiaEditor. Otherwise, why there were no tools to cook BB5 firmwares before NokiaEditor? Even if I and Szakalit weren’t aware of Hex’s tool, we did all the discoveries by OURSELVES! I’m not trying to attack Marco by any means here, just to make things clear;

2- Regarding Credit: If we weren’t aware of BB5 extractor or of any of Marco’s work, how could we credit them?? Plus, i’m not even aware till now that Marco did take BB5 extractor and released it again (after all, i’m newbie to Symbian world December 2009).

3- Regarding Omnia HS: i wasn’t directly involved in this project and i don’t have too many details; But let me tell you something: I have passed days analyzing symbian executables file format both E32Image and ROMImage just to be able to convert ROM files to E32Image files (Yes, convert rom files to their original state). If i didn’t succeed in doing that, neither Omnia HS nor C6/N97 porting was even possible! You are fully aware of the files that Steven supplied to rem_dem and you truly must’ve asked yourself “Where did these files came from!!??”. I repeat, without these files, none would have succeeded porting the HS. However, at the same time, if you have worked on this and rem and steven continued the job, this truly gives you Credit, and lilian too. I guess in this case and because of lack of info, PNHT did make a mistake by not Crediting you guys. So, i’m apologizing for this inconvenient.

4- Regarding N97/C6: you stated that PNHT asked for help on this project and no one was credited. First, we did thank everyone for their support hundreds of times. Second, none of the provided files worked, plus, we had already tried lots of these. Only my ROM converter did the job and made this possible. If you think that’s not the case, i’m asking you and others to port N97 FW now to 5800 since you have base files or it. Plus, i really didn’t like the way you attacked our beta testers. Was your attacked based on you not been chosen to betatest?

5- Even if you had the idea to port C6, do you think that this would be even possible without a partitioned 5800 FW and converted rom files!?? Never! So, did PNHT steal CORE file hack from Marco too? Did we also steal FW partitioning? I think that you exaggerated things a little.

6- “PNHT gets lots of donations”: Ok, now we didn’t want to talk about that, but since you opened the subject, i’ll have to comment. When we first announced N97 porting to 5800 we received too many Moral support and zero donation (not to mention insults and some people doubting our job). Everyone said “Release so that we donate”. We released the FW and do you know how much donations we received out of the hundred of promises and from thousands that are using this FW??? We received 156 euros from the release date till now! This including both paypal (someone donated 50 euro), sms and google ADS! Did you or anyone seeing us complaining about that? No! Yet, we are trying to provide support to users and ignoring some attacks from time to time. So i ask, where did the promises go? Did we get rich? Was the enormous time that we spent on porting this FW and coding the tools correctly sponsored?

7- “for the work they didn’t even do”: I won’t even want to comment this out! What’s so sad isn’t your post, but rather the support you have got from users who are using our work/tools. This is really sad and in this world, apparently no one feels ashamed anymore!

I think that after reading your post and seeing users reaction, maybe we PNHT should retire. This way, we won’t steel anyone’s job/work and at the same time, we will be happy because we will do new stuff for ourself only since few seems to believe in us or our work.Everyone seems to have a pleasure attacking us, but they often forget that it’s PNHT who brought back phone hacking to life (although using rompatcher) and without our hard work, Nokia FW cooking for BB5 was still a dream and even better, seeing C6/N97 on 5800/5530 was also a dream since Nokia won’t ever release them to these phones.

I wish you best of luck in your new community and please, don’t take my reply personally.

I forgot to say that many many users use our stuff, like widgetizer, autoinstaller, NFE and C6 and we see few who gives us credit. Should we started crying about that??


7 thoughts on “from another point of view: PNHT answers to fonix232

  1. I think MODDING is something totally out of control, anyone can do the way they want, I really like XDA-Developers because everything is kinda open..

    Here we have Faenil doing everything “open” and HX doing a lot of efforts but don´t share.. Both are right, the best should be share everything, …. like many winmo, android forums…

    I really apreciate theyr effort and if you are just a customer, don´t push fingers and don´t blame, you are just an user.

    I think the most important thing is to be happy… to believe in something and keep up the flame on… I hope all that don´t make PNTH close and Faenil keep going.

    best regards, Franco

  2. Look every cooker steals and unfortunately a lot don’t have the balls to say they didn’t invent something. I like faenils work but I also like hyperX too but Andy is another one who takes credit for other peoples ideas sometimes also, still without him we would be a little bit poorer with our i8910 even if he is a bit of a tight wad and doesn’t share his breakthroughs so what I say to everybody is that we should enjoy what ever comes out from all these cookers as it is improving our phones and that to me is what matters the most

  3. hehe, lucky i switched to Android, s60,beside its older then my grandma, modern cookers, instead of trying to add make up to keep an OS nearing death bed alive, are killing it even further with their immature attitude, this fighting about who’s doing what and who did this first is really a childish gameplay, I hope s60 users get their benefits from all this.

  4. Wrong attitude in point 6 – seems like money is the main thing driving some people to even try doing stuff…

    This reminds me off few torrent sites, where certain admins would tell users they will close the doors if users don’t donate to keep them alive… guess what? Who cares… spouting money every single time one does something or say something is pure madness and ofc there are fools donating cause they want their precious things to continue. What they are failing to realize is – they got themselves into this condition and they don’t even ask themselves why? …Just, there is an alternative somewhere out there.

    Same thing is happening in what is left of symbian scene. Few people are thinking their ‘job’ is to be payed for. What job? Wake up – it’s no job, it is passion and community driven thing. Now if some communities are built on stupidity, harsh and continuous demands for more and even more improbable stuff, more offensive manners toward their own preferred modders and above all money driven releases only, then by all means such modders deserve their communities as their fans only reflect the image of themselves. It’s like mirroring something that was never intended to be mirrored.

    Such modders chose to ‘provide’ for ugliest type of fans there are: unsatisfied, uneducated brats who doesn’t have anything else but money in their dads wallet, and many of them doesn’t even have that. That’s why they are ‘promising’ money, demanding features, demanding releases, demanding everything for nothing – but modders themselves encouraged this type of people to act like this stating almost impossible and improbable things.

    I’m not saying all and everyone is plain stupid, but look around you and you’ll realize only 20-25% knows what they’re looking for and doing in mobile modding world.

    And it is all because modding came to the masses, it’s not the thing only ‘few brave’ are doing or looking for. And ofc, old time scene is retracting and pulling out and switching grounds when such thing happens. It’s only natural to expect symbian modding to slowly die out cause of it. What is left is what the future modding grounds built upon old ones on some other platforms are already providing: unparalleled open attitude amongst modders on Maemo and Android platform.

    Few symbian modders picked their path, and many simply let go and changed this symbian world for some better things. Heil to Maemo and Android modders, as what’s left of symbian scene is hardly to be called scene at all. Leftovers that only wants pieces of crumbs (money) and are acting like spoiled brats.

    I’ll repeat – luckily Faenil and few others are not like most of them are and are still fighting to provide novelty and openness to everyone for i8910.

    Hail to Adonix to… but Fonix already took his stuff and left off… it’s futile to even debate this now.
    As some would say: Each to his own and I’m sure hoping Fonix will be happier in Android modding scene.

  5. Its simply amazing how this is all getting so crazy. I used to enjoy modding and watching development happen for the i8910, but this is really getting out of control. We have become what all major corporations have become, greedy, and not just for money. Sad.

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