Fixed versions and special swype version online :)

Ok guys the problem to the videocalling that was affecting videocalling from SOME operators has been fixed, sorry about that ^^

The new versions are online, you can find the link in the n2o4 download page, old versions have been deleted from the server so the only versions online are the fixed ones πŸ˜‰ and they’re all WDROFF, due to the high request (I can’t update 7 versions each time, sorry πŸ™ )

There is another good news πŸ™‚

You may have read on my blog and on Hyperx’s blog that Swype can’t work with international keyboard… Well, I managed to make it work with partial international keyboard πŸ™‚ QWERTY is ONLY ENGLISH (you can have more qwerty using the langpack), but T9 IS STILL INTERNATIONAL!! πŸ˜€ Β  To users who don’t have a langpack ( i.e. I have not released any langpack including their language): without the langpack you won’t be able to get your qwerty if you use the swype version, you can only use english layout qwerty.



But: miniqwerty and rotating qwerty mods bring some bugs, so I’m telling you: IF YOU WANT TO USE MINI-QWERTY IN PORTRAIT AND QWERTY IN LANDSCAPE, USE THE “Mini QWERTY keyboard” LAYOUT! IF YOU WANT TO USE MULTITAP IN PORTRAIT (T9) AND QWERTY IN LANDSCAPE USE THE “Alphanumeric keypad” LAYOUT!


To sum up,


– International qwerty removed (flash your langpack to have qwerty or you can only use english layout qwerty) but INTERNATIONAL T9 WORKS;

Swype works (modded by me, download it HERE) , remember to set the writing language to ENGLISH because swype is only ENGLISH atm

– Slightly changed kastors

– Miniqwerty and rotating qwerty added;

Videocalling WORKS;

– Radio frequency colour changed;

– More folders exluded from gallery (startup animations, hs icons);

WDROFF BASE VERSIONS FIXES (gadg, nogadg, noksmenu):

– Slightly changed kastors

– Miniqwerty and rotating qwerty added;

Videocalling WORKS;

– Radio frequency colour changed;

– More folders exluded from gallery (startup animations, hs icons);

Again, thanks to the particular language pack system that I use in my roms, you don’t need to download a new language pack, and all people get the fixed firmware at the same time without the need to wait for a particular “localized” version! πŸ™‚

For those who are waiting for a new faenilator, I’m studying these days so I don’t have much time to write code…many nice features have already been added, but I wanted to add other things before publishing it…

I’ll make a poll tomorrow about the faenilator, if you want it now with the features I have already included or if you want to wait for a major new release πŸ˜‰

ENJOY!!!!! πŸ˜€

37 thoughts on “Fixed versions and special swype version online :)

  1. May you change the Machine UID of our device to any of the nokia devices and add that to faenilator because With this solution it will be possible to install EVERY App that is designed for a Nokia phone you will NEVER ever have to mod any sis file for our phone again it will be 100 % compability to install sis files. Programs will run if they are Machine UID protected. Another question is the new OVI Store working with the new fixed version of N2O4 ?!


  2. Like it a lot! πŸ™‚

    Regarding the autorotate – is there anyway to set it so that when it’s portrait it switches to “number mode” automatically and when in landscape mode “qwerty mode”? At the moment it stays in the alphabet mode even when it’s turned around and you have to select the number mode on the option. The way i mentioned would make things faster. Is that possible? I know that’s what happens in Nokia 5800.

    BTW, just a tiny small thing, when you press camera photo mode and go to the settings, the section 4, adjustments setting is not press-able, however in video recording mode that option is available. I don’t really use the feature, but thought i’d point it out in case some people do πŸ˜‰

  3. ho installato la n2o4 nogadg che hai rilasciato oggi,ed ho questo problema ho installato un widget orologio digitale con meteo che avevo anche nella precedente versione della n2o4 solo che in questa quando lo posiziono nella homescreen al posto di vedersi rimane uno spazio nero e m spariscono tutti gli indicatori nella parte alta dello schermo…logo operatore tacche della batteria e tacche del segnale,e per farli tornare l’unica maniera Γ¨ riavviare il terminale…pensi sia un bug nella samsung widget?

  4. Anyone can make a video on how this auto rotate keyboard works? :mrgreen:

    Faenil, I can’t wait for your new faenilator…
    Noise suppression On/Off very important for me at this moment!

  5. Great Faenil! Just a Question…Swype is integrated? I mean, if i’m going to flash this rom, Swype is already working or i have to set it manually? This becouse (for what I’ve seen) swype is a little laggy, i’m still preferring sliteIT (that contains also italian pack^^).
    However, nice job πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. bel lavoro faenil, anche se personalmente penso che non valga troppo la pena di modificare un programma che Γ¨ ancora beta e solo in inglese, e che non tutti usano.

    πŸ˜† cmq sono contento per la rotazione della tastiera, πŸ˜‰ vuol dire che qualcuno ha capito che stare sul piede di guerra non conviene piΓΉ, e questo solo grazie a te, mostrando che non sei da meno con le tue trovate.

    complimenti quindi per l’impegno

  7. Grande impegno e grandi risultati πŸ˜€
    Per il sondaggio su faenilator:Chiedo a tutti di avere pasienza e aspettare
    una migliore release πŸ˜‰
    Visto che Γ¨ faenil stesso che ci offre queste opportunitΓ  πŸ˜€
    PerchΓ¨ no? πŸ˜‰

  8. Nice fix for the cellular video call. Just a quick question how to make the 3D Navigation and switch work without the powerboot application?

    Thank you in advance…

  9. Prozac69 says:
    September 16th, 2010 11:17 am

    @ Valorster ~ This’ll make you laugh……

    When I turned my phone on this morning it kept stuck in a boot loop and not getting past the blue scroll. I guess baby Jesus is paying me back eh!!

    looool how come? :mrgreen:

    @sert : geuss what , i have the signal icon bug ….. now where would that come from …. ow yes … geuss from what…. hxpatcher… sure it wasnt the hxpatcher at all that messed up my settings and phone…. your so totally right about that

  10. Fuck knows mate. But I reckon, after 18 months, the phone hardware has given up on me.

    Still wont charge via the cable and so have to alternate 2 batteries on a wall charger!

    Still have 4 months of my Orange contract before upgrade as well. πŸ™„

  11. ciao faenil ti ho giΓ  parlato del bug che ha la versione nogadg rilasciata da te ieri,oggi ho provato a fare un hardreset ma il problema nella samsung widget permane,poi ho provato anche a rinstallarla ma anche cosi non ha funzionato,quindi ho installato la versione precedente della nogadg,ed in quella non ho problemi, posso installare qualsiasi widget senza che mi creino problemi nella homescreen…

  12. Hi Faenil,
    congratulations on your work…it’s impressive!!
    Just a small note, if it helps…
    Like others have experienced, WDR is ON on these fixed versions (at least on the GAD one). I tried reflashing, after having done a hard reset and formatted E:, but still ON!! Not a big deal though…
    Thank you!

  13. hi faenil,
    i have strange problem. on my widget hs when i touch to contact it opens messaging, or
    when i touch at messaging it opens menu. also in the gallery when i open any photo
    and if then i try to click option it dosent click. i mean all the text in the screen gets
    disappear. i mean i can not click the option tab there. i can click back, or the text
    please tell me the solution i am using n203. i also tried n204 but the same prob. was

  14. Ho la N2o4 No Gadget,ma ho comunque dei bug per quanto riguarda i widgets: quello che indica giorno,mese ed anno e l’ora blocca l’orario(esempio: accendo il cell alle 16:10,e l’orario rimane sempre fermo alle 16:10..). Scompaiono il mese e l’anno,e rimane scritto solo il giorno.
    A volte risolvo riavviando,ma smanettando dopo un pΓ², il problema si ripresenta.
    Anche alcuni altri widgets sulla colonna sinistra(tra cui calcolatrice e sveglia..) scompaiono letteralmente, tornando opzionabili solo dopo un riavvio.
    “Not a big deal”,certo,anche se… πŸ™„

    Qualcun’altro ha lo stesso identico problema???

  15. Actually, ignore my last post about auto-rotate, i think i may be imaging things about the 5800, i only had it for a short while before i sold it :mrgreen: I think it was the same as the i8910 is now. Sorry about that.

    Thanks for adding the feature though.

    And also, thanks for making the date YY/MM/DD as default – i asked why that was before, someone explained to me that it’s to do with better sorting of files, and now i understand so i use that format too. Much better πŸ˜†

    One feature request: Is there anyway to make the phone create LESS subfolders for the camera? At the moment each time you take a photo it creates a new folder. Is there anyway to change settings so that instead of it creating a new folder for camera photos everyday, it creates it monthly or weekly? Or is that not possible due to the way the symbian operating system is and the way it’s database works?

  16. Nice firmware with the SWYPE but the Mini QWERTY keyboard is useless.. buggy and do not need to be in the base firmware. Why include something that’s not very useful and buggy???? The reason I left HX mod since they included so many stuffs in their latest firmware release and it’s so buggy.. .. your firmware before the the Mini QWERTY was great but when you update the SWYPE functionality.. it’s be come very buggy especially trying to use the full QWERTY key.. this version of the firmware wouldn’t let you do that and only allow Mini QWERTY.. which is extremely hard to use.

  17. I finally decided i will stick to “WDROFF BASE VERSIONS nogadg” as my main firmware with the original icons files.

    The gadget thing is not really my thing and Swype i did not like at all. Maybe it’s the phone design where we have a small keyboard in portrait mode, but it’s not my thing, i’ll stick to the traditional keyboard, i like it much more. Also, the “adjustment” setting in camera seems to work now, not sure whether it’s because i moved to WDROFF version or whether it was the reflash that fixed it.

    BTW, how do you delete that golden wallpaper? I deleted the wallpaper file in C:\ on the phone, but the wallpaper image still appears in the gallery mode and if i try to delete it there it just says “unable to delete wallpaper”. How do you remove it? Also, is there any way to remove the two world icons from the gallery as i like many never use those. Would it be possible to create a .sis file to remove it for those who don’t want it? Or is it kind of permanently in the OS?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  18. @lilly: Swype is workign on one dedicated release only, not on all fixed versions.

    @Kevin: mini qwerty is wokring just fine but it’s not much practical, but if you use Swype version of n2o4 Swype takes over mini qwerty and rotating is giving you full qwerty in Swype.

    On the other hand, if you’re on FIXED versions (no Swype version), pick Alphanumeric amd rotate your phone πŸ˜‰ Easy as that. It works just like on Nokia symbian phones.

    The thing is: Swype is in early beta phase and is full of its own bugs, so check out their known bugs list to see if it’s already covered.

    @Xad: My adjustment options worked on beta1, beta 2, final release (gadget or not, WDR OFF or not) and is working now on Swype enabled release too (which is WDR ON).

    I suppose you searched for the wallpaper on Z drive too? If it’s there – you can’t remove it, it’s write protected and Z drive is ROM itself. You can’t even hide it btw. As for those 2 globe icons – they are for online services adn I doubt they cn be removed, though you never know.

  19. Wikitude v5 can be installed on i8910 with some slight modifications, but camera view is bugged and not working properly if working at all. It seems QT got updated or just some QT dependencies. Othewise UI is better and more fluid, load screen is pretier etc… One thing I did noticed is they implemented camview rotation…

    Still, it’s not working properly on i8910 as it is.

  20. I asked Wolfgang (Wikitude) the same thing… hope we get some answers re this, but if it’s only QT then I think faenil and madhacker can do it on their own πŸ™‚

  21. Yeah, that’s what I’ve thought too. I was indeed able to start it once (it always hang when trying to connect to the server) and the gui was wonderful! But as you sad, the camera is very buggy.
    So I think that that might be no QT thing, but something to fix for Wolfgang and his team.

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