update and new requests

Hi guys some of you noticed that the latest fixed GADG version has WDRON…

I missed changing that file, I’m sorry for that, I need to reupload the gadg version to set it to wdrOFF ๐Ÿ™

I’m studying these days for an exam and I’m also changing home (I hope you’ll understand if I don’t answer the comments during these days) , so I don’t know wheter I’ll be able to upload the wdroff fixed gadg version… There is a chance I’m going to upload this late evening ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you have noticed anything more, just let me know in this thread…

ps: I read about many non-existent problems in you comments, when you have an issue please try 10 times alone before saying it’s firmware’s problem or asking for help, thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

11 thoughts on “update and new requests

  1. Ciao Andrea, ho notato che quando la tastiera va da portrait a landscape, in quest’ultima non sono visualizzate le vocali accentate eccetto una “รฉ” con accento acuto nonostante il language pack euro. รˆ normale?

  2. hi bro. Been using n2o4 since its release and i’m way too happy with it. Google translate application is awesome, now it’s a musthave. As for the hungarian language, the very interesting fact is that though when translated from hungarian to any language available in the list, it does work. But hungarian is not one of the available languages to translate into. Can you see into this matter? We need our language there, thanks for your help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Don’t worry about it mate, I also deal with many people in my work that complain before they have anything to really complain about. It’s always someone else’s fault first and foremost. Then, after they realize it’s not really your problem, they just give you a blank stare and do the “hmph” sound. Pathetic eh? Easy to abuse someone you’re not looking at, but hard to say sorry just to be nice.

    Those with a smile rarely make a sound, those with hate can’t say enough.

  4. Brother the firmware is AMAZING. But I do have one very important request. Please incorporate a SOFTKEY for the Dialer cause at the moment you have to go through the menu to Dial calls and that’s a bit of a pain.

    Otherwise all is excellent!

  5. Hi Guys

    I installed SWYPE – first attempt I got a cert error so I signed the package with signsis using my personal .cer & .key, that then failed with ‘requested application access not granted’ so I signed with leftup_cert.cer & leftup_key.key which installed fine. After a reboot, wherever a text entry is required (like new sms/mail/web dialog box etc) I tap on the screen but nothing happens – i’m no longer able to input any text at all. I have the language set to english. I’d imagine an uninstall would fix this but I just wonder if I need to configure swype correctly as i’d like to try it out..


  6. ok, just to add, I found the swype settings – if i set ‘Swype Input Method’ to ‘No’ then I get my old input methods back (qwerty/alphanum etc). If I set it to ‘Yes’ then I have no options for entering text – I just get the tap/click sound whenever i try to enter text.

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