good news for advanced n2o4 users

If nothing bad happens, good news for ADVANCED users are coming this afternoon/evening 😉


ps today I’ll write some code in the faenilator, if you have some nice ideas (I don’t want crazy things like new features in camera or in gallery please, just some mods that you want the faenilator to apply in one click or some nice ideas which require basic modding) just send me an email 😉 I have found two nice little mods which will be exclusives of faenilator, nothing important, but the more features it has, the better it is, for everyone 🙂

5 thoughts on “good news for advanced n2o4 users

  1. mi piacerebbe se avesse un bottone per lanciare direttamente la registrazione video perchè ho il touch che in alto non funziona piu e dalla modalità camera non riesco piu a passare a quella video.


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