Hi guys since the fixed gadg version I uploaded was WDRON (I missed modding a file)

I have now uploaded the WDROFF of the same gadg fixed version! πŸ™‚ You’ll find the link in n2o4 download page

I hope you appreciate it ^^

More news in the evening …sorry but I have to move to a new house this afternoon ^^



10 thoughts on “n2o4 GADG WDROFF FIXED ONLINE

  1. con i gadget e’ con WDROFF da oggi ok?

    N2O4 Base without gadget in E (working widget hs) FIXED 15/09 β€”β€”β€”β€” MIRROR

    ha il WDRON O NO?

    visto che e’ gia dal 15 sett online,ho chiesto qui e su ipmart e nessuno m ha saputo rispondere precisamente!

    io volevo la NOGADGET con WDROFF…ce la faro’…??

  2. lo confermo perchΓ© lo ha detto faenil proprio su queste pagine comunque puoi verificare anche tu apri la fotocamera e vai ad impostazioni scorri e vedi se risulta attivo

  3. I have a problem,when I want to open faenilator or back up,sceen turns black and nothing is shown after that for a sec,then menu is shown again,what’s the problem?did I forget to install sth?!

    1. yes you forgot to read the changelog (which you should do everytime you download a firmware) and the Q/A page in case you don’t find the answer in the changelog πŸ™‚

      let me know πŸ˜‰

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