Updates about qt bug

I contacted one of the qt devs, and I was told I have to wait qt 4.7.1 to solve that bug…

a new qt package will be released together with 4.7.1, and the new faenilator too hopefully 🙂

9 thoughts on “Updates about qt bug

  1. Ok per il faenilator. Ma credo che anche start backup abbia qualche problema. Per ben due volte mi ha bloccato il cell sulla schermata Samsung….. Hardreset..

  2. i had installed n2o4 swype gadg WDROFF nointqwerty,it works fine,i removed thumbwheel and installed thumbwheel 3 and using live wallpapers.is it possibale to remove homescreen top bar clock,service povider name and shade.kindly reply.

    1. I don’t think we will need it after Nokia release 100% working QT for i8910 too, but developers such faenil and madhacker do need it in order to code properly and peg previous bugs. Thats the main reason Faenilator still won’t go in proper landscape orientation with latest 4.7.0 official build and as I understood we’re to wait 4.7.1 or even more.

      We did need it with previous builds as madhacker and faenil included all caps and permissions QT was lacking on our phone.

      I can’t wait to try out Wikitude v5 in it’s full potential (on older QT libs Camera mode was not working proper if at all). Also WikiTude devs couldn’t interface it proper cause of lack of newer fully signed QT for i8910.

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