Call for support from i8910 users and all future N8 owners

Ok guys I finally decided to go the S^3 way, I’ve got lots of ideas about nice things I can do in QT, and I don’t want to leave Symbian for Android since I tried Galaxy S and other most advanced phones yesterday in an Orange shop and they didn’t get my attention that much… the only one who gave a nice feeling was the Wave with BADA OS, but it doesn’t support qt and it takes mediocre photos…

So let’s come to the point, I have decided to buy the N8 to work on it for the community with the same opensource oriented mind that I showed in this year with i8910 cooking…Lots of symbian mods are already ready (as you see hyperx is making fortune with some old tricks like continuous autofocus, which doesn’t work on i8910 unfortunately) I only need the device to test them to release a firmware…

Unfortunately, being a student, without a job, the only thing I can do is sell my phone (i8910) to get the new one (N8) but since I know lots of people are still bound to i8910 and are waiting for new firmwares from my side, and since lots of people already asked me if  I was going to get a N8 to make firmwares for it, I decided to give this chance a go:

To all i8910 users:

– Please support me by dropping a little donation if you still need my support in i8910 firmwares 🙂

To all future N8 users:

–  Please support me by dropping a donation if you want me to support N8 and make firmwares for it 🙂 stable, bugfree, and fast, as the n2oX series 😉

I absolutely don’t want to sound rude nor impolite 🙂 (but those who know me already know my good intentions), only donate if you have the possibility to do so, and if you will, well, THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂

ps. I’m still working on the faenilator, a new update of it will come in the next 2-3 days, and I also have a good news for i8910 users 🙂

a new version of startbackup is coming too! 🙂

25 thoughts on “Call for support from i8910 users and all future N8 owners

  1. You know you have my support on staying with i8910 for as long as you can and that includes a donation thingy, but I guess i8910 modding is going to inevitably die out soon enough so you’re quite right to choose a new path. Some will dislike it and some won’t. The only thing I know is your last (not in the oven yet) private build will be my last true interest in modding i8910, unless there are some breakthrough innovative things happening (yet) again.

    If not, it’s all the same as I farewelled symbian phones all together 2 months ago expecting ‘my’ perfect Android phone in Q3 2011. Still having i8910 and will not switch until I find Android phone that is up to par (if not better) from my POW.

    In other words, I wish you a very good luck with n8 but I do hope you realize the major impact of shit and stress and liars and creeps that will derive from crippled symbain modding scene. QT is not everything and vast majority of smartphone users don’t even want to know what the hell QT is. Still, if QT is your goal then go for it and pursue that, it’s always nice to know someone cares about ‘small’ stuff – like QT was until now.

    Now back to the Earth once more: IMO, symbian OS is future-less atm and S^4 won’t change that fact. Just cause N8 might seem great, it doesn’t mean it has a bright future. I made my mind and I can’t wait to liberate me of all those pricks, fonnies and fakes around Symbian and hurdle away to pure communities (might not be so pure the time I make my quantum leap), but I do feel someone or something will be missing – devs and modders like you!


    1. bro I really appreciate your words, but I have to disagree on the QT thing 🙂
      do you think the framework used to make the frontend for Skype, Google Earth, VLC Player, and the WHOLE symbian^4 is a SMALL thing? 🙂 well, I don’t think so, QT is probably the most advanced framework available, and it is in constant progress…unlike many other frameworks…

      About modding: yeh I know it will bring more stress, more pricks, and I’m a bit scared about that sincerely, but I hope I’ll get along well with it…

      The fact is Android modding is a bit boring from my POV…I got documented about some custom firmwares for Android, and all I see are mods from new Linux kernels…which is actually disappointing and boring at the same time.. 🙁

      Symbian modding is the most entertaining imho, and Android devices, as you said, are not that powerful…

      All I need is:
      – good night photos (N8)
      – entertaining modding and ability to modify all things to my needs (N8)
      – a powerful framework (both qt and android sdk are very powerful)

      and the N8 is the only one which suits my needs 🙂

      1. That’s why I clearly said: “Still, if QT is your goal then go for it and pursue that, it’s always nice to know someone cares about ‘small’ stuff – like QT was until now.”

        It will be greatly used in like a year or so, so your time and investment should be well payed off when QT hits Symbian OS and Nokia phones and old SIS(x), as we all knew it, will be fading away.

        As for the rest, if N8 is what you need, then n8 will be your new phone I guess 😀 (we talked about it month or so before this)


  2. Ciao,Faenil,
    ho apprezzato molto la tua sincerità per quanto riguarda i tuoi obiettivi futuri. Naturalmente io, così come molti altri suppongo, non sono ancora disposto a cambiare il mio glorioso i8910 per un telefono che, tutto sommato, non è di molto superiore al mio (nonostante i quasi due anni di scarto temporale).
    Del resto, però, avevo già deciso da tempo di farti una piccola donazione in quanto IMHO te la sei davvero meritata, quindi, sia chiaro, le domande che seguono sono scollegate dall’argomento donazione.
    Ciò premesso, per essere altrettanto esplicito con te:
    a) pensi che nell’immediato futuro sia attuabile il porting del Simbian^3 sull’i8910 in modo da poter scambiare parte del tuo lavoro (e quello degli altri cuochi) tra i due dispositivi!?
    b) nel caso quanto sopra non possa essere attuato: pensi che sia possibile far si che qualche applicazione dell’N8 ed in generale del Simbian^3, possa girare decentemente sull’OHD (come già per NSF Shift)?;
    c) Nel caso le due opzioni sopra indicate siano negative: quanto del tuo futuro lavoro sarà volto al miglioramento ed alla risoluzione degli ultimi bug dell’Omnia HD, mediante anche la compilazione di programmi ed utility scritte in QT?
    Grazie per l’attenzione e buon divertimento con il nuovo dispositivo che, a dire il vero, è anche abbastanza simpatico a vedersi!

    1. a) secondo me all’85% non succederà niente, ma spero sempre nel restante 15…

      b) dipende da come sono fatte le applicazioni…ma in generale penso che qualcosa girerà

      c) col faenilator attuale sto cercando di fornire delle features che nell’omnia hd non sono state date e che sono più specifiche, come cancellazione cache, eliminazione cartelle superflue camera, ecc…non sono a conoscenza di bug che posso risolvere

      spero di riuscire a raggiungere una buona quota con le donazioni, altrimenti niente nuovo dispositivo ^^

    1. l’ho provato troppo poco per dirti impressioni approfondite, ma a primo impatto mi è sembrato il sistema più fluido di tutti…di android, di iphone, di symbian…e per essere più fluido di iphone ce ne vuole…però mi ha dato questa sensazione, nei menù.
      tanto di cappello 🙂

  3. OK you gayboy !

    Ill buy the N8 too just to support your hairy gay ass and donate some to help you get one too 😈

    I also gonna get the htc desire HD if it ever comes out and after i tested it, so i know more about android too.

    But yeah , you have my support 😉

      1. gay 😈 , need to wait till end of month till i can get the N8 aaahhh fookers ! ah well, by then you will have your first N8 cfw ha 😉 😆 😆

  4. Hi faenil,

    I’ve just sent €10 to you via paypal.

    Thank you for your work so far! 😀

    Hopefully you’ll continue to support the i8910 with new firmwares and improvements in the future, and not forget all about us when you’re playing with your shiny new N8. 😛

  5. im looking forward to seeing what direction this all goes in, whether its for
    the i8910, or the n8.
    Ive been very impressed with whats been coming from faenil & team recently

    If QT is the way to go for the i8910, good luck with it, i think there isnt really anything else not qt related we can do to the phone anymore…

  6. @Faenil

    Please tell us about the new firmware.

    Besides the newer and better QT in new firmware can you please let us know what the exact differences are in detail between N204 firmware and the the upcoming newer firmware N205 .

    Thanks. 😆

    1. at the moment I’m working on the faenilator 😉
      there is no reason to make a n2o5 because there are no big news in the modding scene 🙂

      but I’ll make updates to n2o4 occasionally, and there is an update coming in the next days 😉

  7. Firt of all…fantastic job with n2o4 !!!! i’ld know if it will possible open sms with “conversation” or better…open specific sms with “conversation” by using a filter…

    tks in advance

  8. Faenil mi stavo chiedendo se fosse di qualche utilità creare una funzione “idle” da inserire in modo che di notte il telefono vada a 200 mhz e con lo schermo al minimo e tutte le funzioni inutili disattivate per risparmiare la batteria. Se si potesse temporizzare sarebbe uno sballo, altrimenti uno swich on-off on screen non sarebbe male. Forse chiedo troppo, ma non si può mai sapere…

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