about new swype beta

Hi guy some of you requested a new modded package for the new swype beta…

but there’s a problem, I can’t even get the new beta to start on i8910 (I modded the package to install on i8910, but it doesn’t work)…

is there anyone who’s using the latest beta on i8910

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  1. Hi faenil, sorry if I go offtopic.
    There’s a little mod that you could bring us in the new rom to have a theme-skinnable realplayer icon. I’ll copy-paste a post by Aquarius in this topic http://forums.samsungi8910omnia.com/samsung-i8910-themes-widgets-other-gui-graphical-modifications/11862-change-real-player-icon.html

    “There’s another way to make the icon of RealPlayer skinnable. But this method is based on modification of the firmware ROM file. This file is Z:\System\Data\SkinExclusions.ini. You need to remove the line “0x101f84b6,0x10005a3e” (these are identifiers of RealPlayer) in [Always] section. I think there’s no need to mention that this fix requires the phone to be reflashed. Al long as I know C2z patch does not work for this so you really need to reflash. But from now the icon of application can be skinned by any theme that contains it.”

    Good luck modding Swype 😮

  2. Hi faenil,
    I have a question Swype related.
    I know there isn’t hebrew keyboard on your modded Swype, if i have an access to a Samsung galaxy s device with hebrew swype can you tell me what files i need to extract so i can add hebrew?. Thanks for you help and work.

  3. il pacchetto l’hai ricreato ma una volta installato non va vero?anche io ho provato ma non mi appare la tastiera una volta installata… 😥
    grazie per il tuo lavoro e il tuo tempo…

  4. Hey Faenil,
    I’m currently using your N204 firmware and I have to say it’s freakin awesome 😉
    Anyways, I’ve three problems.
    First of all, as you have mentioned, no version of swype works on it! I tried beta, previous version, all of them!
    2nd, I can’t get wikitude to run on it. Maybe I missed out on something and would appreciate sum help here.
    Lastly, I knw that the Samsung Widget is bugged as I can’t remove the top bar, plus u have mentioned that already.
    So, is it possible for you to create an awesome homescreen to replace the original samsung widget, like the bluespectrum, which is 100% customizable. Bluespectrum is cool, but itz too complicated. Maybe you can include somethin in the new faenilator, which would let us edit homescreens easily, without havin to know xml stuffs and uid. Homescreen like the android would be the best 🙂
    Anywayz, sry for wastin ur time.
    Bye dude!

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