about me and N8: New fw for N8 is out!! v13.016

I passed the first exam of the four I have to try in February today! 🙂
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow two more exams…pray for me guys! 😀


And about the N8: we have a new firmware out!!
Here’s the official changelog:

  • Web updated to
  • Quickoffice updated to 6.4.166, editing functions now enabled on the N8 (i.e. don’t have to pay to upgrade), improved zooming functions
  • Adobe Reader updated to 2.5.653
  • Big update to Nokia Email; performance improved; ‘unread emails’ flag added to homescreen widget; meeting requests can be accepted directly from email invitations; maps integration, which means people can view the meeting location on the map when the address is mentioned in the location field in the invite
  • General performance improvements
  • Dialler now works in landscape mode
  • Previous performance updates are rolled in and, in the full (Ovi Suite-installed, >100MB) image, there’s the facility to provide a better working starting point than hard resetting a PR 1.0 device

It’s not PR 2.0 which will bring LOTS of new changes 🙂 but it’s still something from Nokia 😀

I do hope they fixed at least some of the bugs which affect our horrible default browser 😀 (I’m really looking forward to PR2.0 with the new Qt Browser! It’ll be so sexy, don’t you think? 🙂 )

The update is already available via OTA, so update your device as soon as you can, and let me know what you think of it!

I haven’t updated yet, I’m just back from the exam 🙂 but I hope it will bring those performance increases everyone’s talking about 🙂

Stay tuned !

Cheers!! 😛


11 thoughts on “about me and N8: New fw for N8 is out!! v13.016

    1. good 🙂 thanks for letting me know…I’m going to sleep a bit now before studying for the exam I’m taking tomorrow…so I won’t be able to test the update in the next few days, keep reporting your thoughts! 😉

  1. Hi faenil,
    Did you forget our lovely i8910 🙁 I’m still waiting for your last rom. You said you will have a surprise for us. but you don’t work on it any more. 🙁

  2. Noooo you didn’t.
    So, thank you veryyyyy much 🙂
    I wish you success in your exams 😉
    we are waining to hear good news about your exams and your projects
    have fun 😀

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