Hi guys, for those of you who don’t know it, I already started working on the n2o5, the next custom firmware for i8910 Omnia HD, in January…

But I did not have enough time to finish it most of all because of the time it takes to finish the new faenilator, a symbian tweaking tool I’m developing…

I think I’ll have some spare time (finally) to work on it starting from the second week of March…I know that’s a lot of time, but do know that I’m not having a great time here studying things like formal languages and advanced authomatons… 🙂

Nonetheless, I’d like to know how many people are waiting for this firmware and for the new faenilator…just to know if “it’s worth” the time it takes… so I’d like you to vote on the poll I have just added, which is “Are you still waiting for a new custom firmware for i8910?”. The answers are “Yes, I’m eagerly waiting for the n2o5!” or “No, I don’t need a new firmware, you can spend your time on other platforms”

So, please, bring all your friends in here, and tell em to vote if they’re waiting for a new firmware for i8910!

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Oh yes we are waiting,my omnia is waiting for new life =)
    But..what about Bada??U said something about it…
    wave..that phone can eat i8910,and he has many users ;D

  2. yes yes yes…i’ve been waiting for N205 to be released for more updates. thank you very much faenil for keeping our i8910 hd alive. more power to you and others…

  3. Hey faenil,

    i tried all cfw’s for i8910 and your cfw is surely the best among the others in case of speed an reliability.
    your work is awesome and i thank you for spending your free time and sharing your work worldwide.
    nokia should pay you for editing their future firmwares 😉

    so what do i wish for n205

    speed and stability is perfect,overclocking is possible with hxpatcher and ovi maps is working so i would ask for skype.

    i know there is something missing in the firmware for doing calls with skype but can’t you simply take this specific file from an 5800 for example?

    skype would be my biggest wish for i8910
    nokia’s new api’s for playing the next generation symbian games would be nice,too.

    i hope you can do that.

    i appreciate your work!
    keep it up, faenil!

  4. Yes, I’m eagerly waiting for the n2o5! I’m from the beautiful city of Gdańsk, which greet you. Your ROM is great. It would be great if skype work, ovi new maps and play with the new Symbian. Thank you.

  5. Bro PLEASE work for this phone. i8910 is the real thing to work on. N8 is just bulshit. Even nokia itself couldnt rely on their newly launched symbian^3 and gave the flag to microsoft. lets just put this device to its full potential. I really love i8910 and after that Galaxy S2 i9100.

  6. I partitioned for XP aaaages ago ready for your next awesome creation 🙂
    IF only you could crack the bootloader 😮 (the dream that will never die lol)
    much kudos dude and all the best for your future.
    Eagerly awaiting

  7. Faenil, Here is a list if features that would make an already brilliant firmware perfect:
    – Chose of which applications rotate with accelerometer
    – Original Samsung 4 menu icons (Plain White)
    – Non kinetic menu with Swype compatibility
    – A non-customizable ‘now playing’ window in music player.(Some themes don’t match the black)

    Thank you

  8. Yes I waiting for update so long.
    n2o4 was astonishing. Fast, stabill and it looks nice. I hope that n2o5 will be stable as previous version but with new features.
    It would be nice if it came with the Polish language version (Hungarian Pack) 😉
    You don’t have to explain, everyone has his own life.

  9. Just don’t use 3rd party file manager and you can unlock it by touching meny hardware key and then sliding, no need to press&hold lock or any other button.

    It’s the problem with 1890 when using 3rd party managers, it does not do that on Nokias.

  10. Waiting too! And i also want a preview! Could you check if you can make i8910 more symbian^3 apps compatible? The phone is getting it’s second life for the new N8 games! If yo could make my phone run NFS Shift and Crusade of Destiny I’ll let you marry my sister!

  11. hi Faenil
    we need a new fw for i8910
    and say yes to you
    i have some problem with i8910
    1.its not multy toch. can you find a way for solve this?
    2.wave phones can play *.mkv format but my hd cant this
    3.i forget onather problem

  12. The i8910’s hardware is greate, but please improve battery live, picture quality and camcorder + audio recording for videoclips, because the camera (at least with noisy visual recording in low light conditions or darkness, even with blitz/led “on”)is poor with many versions of cfw and the consumtion of battery is big (at least my phone, when I use it in internet, games application, and GPS, it’s get overheated). The GPS drains fast the battery, so that can’t be used much time, when you are pedestrian.

  13. hi…
    …i have a personal suggestion,,,,i used other custom FW and i loved urs cuz of its batery life and many thing like stability…
    …i wanted to tell u that i didnt liked one of the things such as kastor effects and i didnt find the flash homescreen easy for me to use…so can u please include better kastor effects or can u please make it costomizeable like dark side agents FW…his FW is really customixable…i am using his FW now…and am waiting for urs to came out…i would also like u to increase speed of all things and also make kinetic scrooling as smooth as possibe…and fast kastor effects please…thanks 🙂

  14. Are you a high.
    I solved a lot of problems with N2O4.
    I kindly ask you to continue the development of N2O5.
    The only drawback I found was the excessive consumption of battery.
    I quickly realized the potential of hardware, but if I had not installed your firmware, I’d still be here to fight with your smartphone.
    We are with you, do not stop.
    Thank you for your commitment.

  15. People: There is no excessive consumption in battery! I’m running N204 clocked @ 600/700/800mhz (low/med/high use) with dynamic scaling enabled. I use my phone excessively… Fanatically fiddle with everything i can 🙂 so plenty of action and things like python/qt/c/silverlight stuff going on. I get up to 3 days of great usage (mainly camera/ttpod/ucweb and msn messenger on throughout uptime).
    The Vbatt settings seems to get out of sync over the many recharges. I now have better battery life than when i first had the phone almost 2 years ago after resetting it. Nothing to do with what firmware is running!
    Also this phone has a problem with clearing cache (especially photobrowser) so if you didn’t already know go learn what to delete and where and how to fix the battery problems here :

    Faenil any chance of putting a few cache deleting options in faenilator ? =) Whats the chances of integration of a better flashplayer?
    Respect to you :@)

    1. I know there are lots of people waiting…but I have a life…if you can’t wait…I can’t help you 😀

      I’ve just finished my exams and I’m already working on it…this is already admirable imho 😉

  16. Whatever you do please modify this in new FW…

    with autokey lock OFF, When display light goes out, you hav to touch menu or any other key to lighten up the display again …. i wish it was touch to display to turn on light back again… sometimes i m listening to music and light goes off so i hav to click hard keys to show lights again…

    None of the FWs i flashed had this…it was possible in nokia 5800… display light goes out.. touch the display to lighten again… but not happening in any Omnia I8910 FW…..

    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ change it to touch to show with autolock off…

  17. Hi, you are the only hope for the furture of this wonderful smartphone, infact hyperx seem have aborted the I8910 project… the top result could be have the multitouch enabled but, with the informatios I have collected, it seem almost impossible.

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