still working on ovimaps

Ovimaps is being nasty…

Still working on that, I hope to get some results at least, even if I don’t think this will be the case…
If there’s anybody in here who can use the IDA disassembler, contact me asap, thanks

25 thoughts on “still working on ovimaps

  1. Hey Faenil, I was wondering if you could remap the keys in the music player.
    One thing I’m really missing is the possibility of changing / pausing a song without unlocking the device (think for example when you’re driving).
    If you think it’s not doable with the normal music player, you could also think of trying with TTpod, which is really awesome.
    Let me know! πŸ™‚

    1. Ovi Store e una cosa completamente diversa temo e chiunque lo potrebbe fare alla fine, solo che con ultimo Ovi Store c’era da impazzire un’ po di piu, ma Ovi Maps e diverso e molto piΓΉ difficile, perciΓ² io non potrei fare nulla per aiutare davvero.

  2. I don’t think its that important when older ovi maps works fine. You’re doing enough for us with the cfw, most of us are utterly greatful for this. Modding softwares to be compatible is a bonus but not if it means you working too hard on doing so. Keep cfw fiddling, you thrive awesomely there πŸ™‚ without a doubt THE choice I8910 CFW come from you. Top man!

  3. scs faenil se ti rompo anche qua.. ma allora nn sai prorpio da dv proviene quel errore?? ho chiesto anche a Sev7en,ma nn se lo ric neanche lui.. πŸ™

  4. Faenil,
    I’m using n2o4 gadget wdr on swype version, and I can’t, sync with ovi suite, the problem is that I’ve got everything in there… Please help.

  5. hi best,↲I am sure you will find a solution because you are the best.↲I have one question out of this subject can you port whtsapp for bada

  6. Dude, forget the ovi maps, I think there’s plenty of better navigational programs like garmin, SYGIC, tom tom, etc. focus on more needed things like id changer πŸ˜‰ p.s. greets from lithuania πŸ˜‰

  7. forget this outdated phone-i8910. the symbian is outdated os for smartphones. even samsung has stopped supporting symbian in their smartphones. i had omnia i8910 for 6 months and believe me it is the most outdated software to use when it comes to touch screen phones. then i sold it and bought iphone4. it is the best mobile and the ios is the best software for smart phones. i made a video call through skype from my iphone to my friend”s laptop. believe me it worked wonderful. the appstore is the best in the industry. the games are best and even beats the psp and nitendo games. ovistore is worst.
    get iphone4. u will never ever use any smartphone except iphone. not even android can beat it. the n8 is also worst when it comes to software. it is only the 12mp camera thats it.
    i must appreaciate faenil. he is doing excellent work for i8910. i used his n203 and n204 when i had the i8910. both are best cfw. hats off to you sir.

      1. we can only sell or throw i8910.I think selling is better option, But then i8910 HD have to go some other person. Then he will start requesting for new firmware.

        Overall mod for i8910 and everyone will appreciate your work. Already iphone have many modder groups where fewer for i8910.

        keep up the great work.

  8. Hey faenil. I have another idea.

    Its about touchscreen behaviour, Most of time when we leave screen untouched then it goes blank. Then it only lights up if you press any butten. But in many modified CFW keylight files of s60v5 firmwares we can light up screen only by touching it . It is amazing while working on phone.

    eg. there is light mod by mara or forcom for c6 & also default behaviour of 5800.
    lets work over it.

    1. I asked this suggestion too ….this is undoubtly a break thru mod… but I guess faenil cant do that… Its really annoying when I am listening to my lectures and screen blacks out so I cant rewind or forward as i press menu key, it goes to menu….

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