Getting tired…

I’m getting tired of this guys…


I’m the only one to work on i8910, I’m the only one who spend days trying to make a little thing work…

None really helps because no other modder has got an i8910 to try things on.

I’m stopping my attempts with ovimaps.

I’ll try to finish the faenilator as soon as I can, and release this damn firmware, hopoing some little appreciation, or donations as well, will come, for all the effort I’ve put into it.


44 thoughts on “Getting tired…

  1. @jake: If you notice Faenil’s previous post he already has his new firmware working on his i8910. He’s just trying to improve faenilator and a few programs to be compatible. Don’t be so quick to judge people and their efforts.

    Your work will definately be appreciated Faenil. No phone last forever and this one has had a really good run thanks to your hard work and dedication. You have done everyone a big favour sticking with this phone and modding it as you have. I look forward to your N205 release.

    1. the project is still active, I just can’t do 100 things at a time πŸ™‚

      I don’t know if I’ll buy a Bada device, but I’ll complete those tools for sure πŸ˜‰

  2. Dont worry about anything else, there are still a few of us that use this device, its not dead yet,
    and you are keeping it alive even more. I look forward to your firmware whenever it is ready,
    Thanks for your time……goodluck.

  3. ^^ my friend has an HD2 and it wasnt able to shift musictitles by pressing the sidebuttons… now he flashed android on it and it works… so it maybe isnt any “hardware related problem”

    maybe u can do that for our omnia hd too ^^?

    changing titles via sidebuttons?

  4. faccio fatica a seguire il blog in lingua inglese utilizzo sempre google traduttore per capire cosa scrivete, ma una cosa e sicura qui qualcuno non ha capito che si parla delle rom di faenil e no della sua vita privata sessuale fatevi i cavoli vostri e se venite qui veniteci per il solo scopo di seguire il lavoro di faenil (se invece ho capito male corregetemi )

  5. all the very best faenil,
    btw, i dont use ovi maps, its not accurate as g-maps.. anyway u may work on it for others.
    one more thing dear, whatever u add in new fw, plz make sure it should be stable, its a kind request..

  6. your work is devastating faenil.
    I would like to help you if i can.
    I know a lot but I’m not a modder of mobile systems.
    I just mod windows.
    But i would be so happy if i could help you.
    Ovi maps 3.04 is NOT running without a big bug.
    When you want to calculate a route,then you type in a city and the it freezes.
    If you restart the program,you can use the city out of the more problems.
    So it would be far enough to solve this little problem.i don’t think we need the latest ovi maps??
    I could be a betatester if you want.
    My i8910 is my passion πŸ™‚

    Many greetings to you

    1. I have the same problem with Ovi Maps, currently I am on HX11 firmware. But I haven’t heard many others with it, is it common? Does anyone have a solution?
      As a workaround, I have had success with using search (i.e. not using ‘drive to’), then selecting ‘add to route’, and only then to start driving.

      1. The same programm (ovi maps 3.04) is working on Nokia devices without problems so the problem must be in the firmware of the i8910 I think.
        So you don’t have any idea?
        Missing or wrong api?
        Or a crappy ncim file?

      2. I don’t think the bug is in Maps as such, as it works fine on Nokia devices. It looks like on the i8910 the s60 menu pops up in front of the maps one, somehow.
        (Sorry to get a bit off-topic, but since 3.06 is not going to work, having a well-woking 3.04 version would be nice)

  7. Good decision about the ovimaps,
    These maps are poor, there are many better programs such Sygic.

    Hope you finish last firmware for i8910 :).


  8. Ciao

    se posso aiutarti sono qua , ma non mastico molto bene l’inglese.
    Ho un samsung 8910 che posso usare per fare delle prove .
    se dovete provare dei programmi o vi serve qualcosa sulla grafica io sono qua , ma sulla programmazione non sono molto bravo e non so quanto posso essere utile…

  9. Ovi maps in not so important.. smooth, fast, bugfree fw is what we want! ..please take care about a good photo/video gallery and a fast to use and a functionally/good working faenilator.
    Thanks a lot and please don’t take too much time.. byye

    p.s. waiting for donate

  10. hey faenil,

    thnx a lot for your great work i’ll appreciate it a lot.thnx man.and if you are tired working with the 8910 take a rest.


  11. Hey, after this firmware just start working on N8, as I am planing to buy one in near future… πŸ˜‰
    Btw, I would have sold my samsung but can’t wait to see your new mods…
    And please do something about the display appearing back on touch screen
    you owe me donation… will get u a glass of beer…:)

    1. thanks for the beer πŸ™‚

      about N8…there’s not much to do at the moment, we’re waiting for someone to crack the hash that the systems checks when you try to flash a modified firmware on N8….

      Only Uda editing is possible so far (C:/) so making custom firmwares does not have much sense

      1. nokia are not like samsung and htc since they put protections everywhere in their soft. I am still waiting for overclock of my n95 8gb to be the best phone ever.

  12. faenil…se puoi assicurati che la samsung widget funzioni perfettamente,te lo chiedo perchΓ© con la n2o4 ho dovuto tenere la primissima versione che hai rilasciato,con quelle successive il meteoclock ed altri widget non funzionavano mandando in blocco il telefeno,comunque grazie ancora per lo splendido lavoro che stai facendo con l’omnia hd,ciao

      1. no ma infatti io ho la nogdgt ma la prima versione quella con il wdr on e la chiamata video non funzionante…ho provato anche le versioni successive di nog. Ma avevo il bug nella widiget

  13. Hello, I am a Chinese, My English level is not high, I’m sorry.
    In China there are a lot of people look forward to your new firmware research and development, we believe you, you are the best!

  14. Hey man how are you? Nice work so far. I think n2o5 will be the King…maybe the last πŸ˜‰ Blood and tears. That’s what it is πŸ˜‰ Give us the best cfw for our i8910. I don’t know if it’s to early but could you tell me when n2o5 will be released?(Maybe April 1st? xD) Stay tuned and thank you for your great work. And don’t give up πŸ˜‰

  15. I have only dipped into your firmwares recently. But I must express that I am majorly impressed. Both with your professionalism and skill. I have used many phones over the last 3 year, over 4, and your firmware is by far the best to date. The 8910 is a cool tool for sure,made complete with your efforts. Cheers for everything. Sadly i am moving to android for now. Have been offered the new galaxy with my contract, but i may well keep my 8910 for a while incase the s2 is a dud. Because i do love the camera software on the 8910.

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