n2o5 firmware for i8910: updates about beta1

ok guys here are some updated info:

beta2 will probably start on thursday, and it won’t be the last one, there will be a beta3 at least. I’ve got an exam on thursday, so I’m also busy studying these days.

Moreover, betatesters are not behaving correctly. Most of them never answered to my emails, and like 20/25 have not sent me the report I asked for yet, which is disappointing and makes me sad.

I remember I warned people that this thing needed TIME, and it was not FUN. But they applied…

Betatesting is CRUCIAL step in software’s development, and it requires effort.

Luckily enough there are those 5 people who are actively cooperating, and we already found the most important bugs in beta1, which have already been fixed (beta2 will include the fixes).

What’s fun is some betatester also leaked info about the beta…I mean there must be a reason if I did not share it publicly, don’t you think?….
Sorry guys, I’m just a bit pissed off from this whole story. It’s not fun when people do not take you seriously.

Better go to bed now, it’s 3:50am here.

Goodnight people,


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