out of adsense program, no warning, no reason.

My adsense account (the one I used to get some revenue out of users’ ads clicks) has been locked yesterday, without any previous warning.

I received an email: “your account has been disabled because it is generating invalid activities…”

The only solution I had was to use the proper form and ask to have my account back, but YOU CAN ONLY USE THIS FORM ONCE.

I filled the form in, sent. There were paragraphs in the form asking for details like “why would people click on your ads” or things like that, and I answered sincerely to all questions, hoping that sincerity would have helped me get my account back.

Today, the answer.

No way, I’m not having my account back.

They have “rechecked” my activites and they’re sure that I’m violating their TOS, so I deserve to be banned from Adsense. My account is locked, FOREVER, (the rules are clear about this, once they have refused your recourse you’re banned, forever) and you know what’s the strange thing?

That THIS MONTH was being quite remunerative, about 50€ from ads gathered only during this month. Things that I HAD NEVER SEEN SO FAR (70€ gathered from January to April (about 20€/month), that’s what I got from Adsense, which is not bad anyway).
So, I have lost the account forever, and the money that they owed me.
Now, your donations are almost 5€/month, so the ads were the only way to get some money to go out with friends out of this hobby. Small sums which matter, when u’re a student.

The only problem is : I DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG. I read their TOS months ago when I first applied for an adsense account, and I always paid attention to every thing I did about Adsense and its ads on my pages.

I NEVER CLICKED ON MY OWN ADS, which is a clear rule in their TOS, the one which causes most of the bans.

Now, I want my account back. I did not do anything wrong, so I DESERVE MY MONEY AND MY ACCOUNT!

Has anyone of you had any problem like this? Do you know a solution?
Is anyone of you a lawyer or something like that?

They can’t act this way. There must be some way to show them I am innocent.

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  1. SAD to know this faenil

    however i dont know the solution but i am 100% ready to help you in whatever way i can

    all the best and i am in your team 🙂

  2. purtroppo è la stessa cosa che è capitata a me con un mio blog. ho proposto ricorso seguendo il loro form e me l’hanno rigettato. sinceramente è stata per me una delusione. se altri clikkano ripetutamente sugli ads noi non abbiamo alcuna responsabilità…

  3. Ma che storia è questa?
    Ma non si sono informati prima st’imbecilli?
    Mio sostegno assicurato.
    Ma rompili il!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    a sti bastardi.

  4. Ma dico vedo che all’ultimo polls hanno votato 772 persone.
    In altri 1500 e passa.
    Ma che senso ha questa mossa della adsense.
    Vuoi vedere che questi fanno sti cose per non pagare.

  5. in pratica accade questo se loro registrano una percentuale di clik sugli add per dire dopo un solo secondo di connessione sul sito lo interpretano come un’azione fraudolenta. quindi disattivano per sempre l’account. fanno così in nome della tutela delle ditte che si fanno pubblicità….per ogni informazione puoi contattarmi sulla mail

  6. seems like they think that hacking is something wrong…
    well, this is nothing new….so, you might contact support team or something….i think
    btw, s-f had issues with warnings about illegal activities from google too…
    ask them what did you do to get BAN…

  7. non so se possa funzionare, però potresti scrivere un post con l’obiettivo di raccogliere commenti e dimostrare il numero effettivo di persone che visitano il tuo sito “passivamente”. Io sono uno di questi in qunto questo è il mio primo commento…in questo modo comunque potrai dimostrare che i visitatori sono esempio 100 e non 10….

    1. Nel mio precedente intervento ho puntato il dito solo sui polls su questo sito.
      Basterebbe tornare idietro e vedere quanti interventi.
      Se questo non ha valore di riscontro “allora”.

  8. guys, somebody wanted him down, afaik, google banned him because one ip has been used to visit adSense links, so, i think it was pn purpose to get this, faenil didn’t tracked his “traffic” thought that google is doing it and got banned.
    nothing more nothing less.
    maybe getting new domain or something???

  9. Hi there ppl,
    first: i hope u will make ur way, faenil.
    second: please italian ppl, could u write english? perhaps u r mentioning things also coming to my mind… so questions or anything else wont be written twice. i think its a bit “rude” to accept (some) ppl cant understand ur words. no offense at all! just a plea 😉

    1. Per donare basta cliccare sul PORCELLINO e seguire la procedura.
      Resta inteso che tu abbia una carta di credito.

      PS: per aiutare questo sito basterebbe il costo di caffè ^_^

  10. Ok Lets focus here, forget about the Adsense issue, its gone !
    Thats an internet world hazard you have to live with, like
    when you drive, there is always chance of an accident. MOVING ON…
    when is this firmware coming out? Please use your energy and
    time on releasing this.

  11. Unfortunately its all about business. They make money which gives you a small commission. They are mostly able to ban you even if only by an accusation and you would be up for legal and investigation costs to prove otherwise. Going to just have to find other ways to make money. Sometimes doors must close to open new ones.

    1. SI! Però non vedo una ferma condanna da parte di tutti i FANS di Faenil che;PERò;stanno aspettando
      l’uscita della nuova rom.
      DOVE SIETE?????
      Non ammetto che venga fatto questo a uno studente:Base fondamentale per il nostro futuro ^_^

  12. I see the idiot that posted BS here recently found his way back into the life of this blog… no way any honest user kept clicking like a pure moron. The only pure moron around here is (was) – you know who. Small people with even smaller brains always find their filthy ways to damage honest ones.

    Do contact add sense again and again and if you have any proof, present it to them. I think you can see any repetitive IPs, proxies etc…

    1. unfortunately I can’t, I did not have any click monitoring tool…Because I did not know it was ME who was in charge of checking if the clicks were invalid, not google…

      I always thought they checked the clicks and only paid for the valid ones…

      it does not work that way, that’s what I just discovered…

      Anyway, google FAQ reports it clearly -> “if your appeal has been refused, all your next appeals will be ignored”

  13. You gotta ask them to PROVE you that the clicks were invalid. Black on white. THEY are the ones who must have some sort of monitoring tools – otherwise how would they know.
    They can’t just close your account by just SAYING you did something. And if they have sth like one IP clicking all the time you can prove it wasn’t yours

    1. they can’t give details because they have to preserve the privacy.

      They can close your account like that, yes.

      And the Terms of Service also states that they can deactivate your account whenever they want, for whatever reason they want.

      So u just have to play their game if you want to get onboard.

      1. I understand privacy and being able to ban anybody without a reason. They do have the right to do that… BUT
        I’m not sure if they can just like that hold your 50 Euros.. Even if some of the money is generated by “invalid actions” there is still some money EARNED and what they did I call STEALING.
        Going their way of thinking I would pay ppl some minor cash until they develope, wait for some bigger transfer and refuse to pay it basing on something that cannot be checked by anyone and banning the person.
        Are you sure in their TOS there is written they will keep your $ for themselves??

        1. GOT IT!!
          You (probably) will get your money.. Here’s a relevant excerpt from their TOS:

          “In the event the Agreement is terminated, Google shall pay Your earned balance to You within approximately ninety (90) days after the end of the calendar month in which the Agreement is terminated by You (following Google’s receipt of Your written request, including by email, to terminate the Agreement) or by Google. In no event, however, shall Google make payments for any earned balance less than $10.”

          I knew nobody can just like that refuse to pay earned $

          Good luck with N2O5!

          1. Or maybe they can.. They won’t pay for:

            “(d) clicks co-mingled with a significant number of invalid clicks described in (a) above”

            Now the question is what does “significant” mean for them 1, 2, 5, 50%??

            Anyway, I think, as a sign of protest, we should all cancel our gmails and start using Bing:)

            1. One last thing.. If I don’t like someone, all I have to do is to visit their website and start clicking!!! I can get them banned this way!! Great!!

              1. yeah it works like that…unfortunately.

                Anyway, they won’t keep the money, they have to give them back to the people who bought the ads from google.

                They’ll probably keep a fixed fee anyway, I’m sure they won’t give everything back

  14. Forgot to mention Faenil. I am a laywer too. I will fight your case. I would charge you only 10,000.00 €.
    We will sue Google and earn 1 Million €..

    What do you say?

  15. Faenil!!! volevo chiederti una cosa, ma un porting di Meego (o Maemo) sarebbe possibile??!! il procio dell’N900 sarebbe lo stesso… se t serve una mano per qualcosa fammi sapere ciauz…

  16. That’s really bad that they did that! If they don’t give it back, you could look at other companies that do ads.

    Also maybe start using those sites that pay you to link through them, you have your own download file link, but put their link in front, so the download link goes through their site, and then you click “skip” and you get to the file, that will help you generate some extra money. Also, that will allow you to make extra money with each new firmware you upload, even if it’s slight modifications, like n204.v2 and then n204.v3 etc. Money for each time the thousands of people click. Even when they click on download links for other things like addons.

    There are quite a lot of sites like that now, the one that i’ve seen being used by someone else i download (game) files from is the website: http://zpag.es/ which seems pretty good as i’ve never had any popups or anything and you know immediately that you click “skip” on the top to get to your link.

    It’s an easy way to make extra money on top of banners (they do banners as well) and you will definitely get paid EVERY time someone clicks a download link rather than hoping someone clicks a google ad. I think based on how many people download files from your website, you should make a good amount of money.

    Banners + link redirectors + affiliate links with specific companies could be good ways to bring in more needed cash.

    Good luck.

    1. thanks for your comment, send me an email if you know more about advertising 🙂

      I have already thought about using zpag.es, but there are not so many downloads here…I don’t know if it’s worth it…and I’m sure people would start making mirrors of my link, decreasing the downloads…

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