Once more, need graphics experts + update

Is there any photoshop or gimp expert between you all? πŸ™‚

I NEED YOU πŸ˜€ write in the comments or send me an email to faenil@i8910tuning.com

– I am coding the faenilator during these days πŸ˜‰ I have added some things, but I miss good ideas for features, can you give me some? πŸ˜€

– I have added new ads in the website, please do not setup any autoclicker or clicking bot, please DO NOT do it.


18 thoughts on “Once more, need graphics experts + update

    1. not this type of ideas…ideas for features of the faenilator

      I’m not a software house, I don’t create things in one day, as all of you seem to believe πŸ™‚

  1. maybe flashlite 4 would be good and please try to make a switch between speed and normal, ths would be great. like clck here for speed fw, click here for normal

  2. The only things i can think of are a few options to delete various cache’s (images/icons etc).
    A clear camera cache after exit.
    And maybe take a few menu options from the ‘messaging’ screen away so no scroll bar is visible like Delivery reports/Drafts etc which can all still be accessed within the ‘inbox’ area.

    You’re such a legend! Keep up the awesome work πŸ™‚

      1. I’ve used a mod that took these folders away and left no right side scroll bar. The only problem was the mod contained other mods that not all worked as it was designed for a different Symbian phone. Definitely lost the scroll bar and it looked better. An slight improvement towards clearing up the mess samsung left us πŸ™‚

  3. hi.
    thank you, really. I think your the last one who is working on our beloved omniaHD.
    for the faniliator, can you code somting that can acces to installed applicatins? and can limit resourses for them?
    you know, like restrict an app to connect to internet?
    and can uninstal system apps, like the default lock screen?
    that would be cool.

  4. Hi Faenil,
    I found a qt 4.7.3 on the AntSnes’s website. Is it made by you? Because I can’t install it. (It installs ‘Qt installer’ instead of ‘Qt’.)

    Otherwise I try to make running Nokia Sleeping Screen for this phone. It installs everything fine, but unfortunately the s60v5 haven’t contain the corresponding menu where I could enable it. The sis file contains an lpframework.exe with has a diferrent size than the phone’s one.
    In your opinion is there a chance to run app if I’ll copy all contents of the sis to the right place?

  5. sarebbe molto utile per me selezionare in dove salvare le foto, cioè se suddividerle in sottocartelle dopo la cartella img oppure no!
    (vorrei tutte le foto raccolte in una sola cartella)

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