We’re very close to it…n2o5 is almost ready :)

So guys I’ve been working a lot last week over the faenilator, and I can now say it is almost feature-complete 🙂

The GUI is still horrible, but the features are there 🙂

N2O5 base firmware is ok too, I’m working with the betatesters to customize its graphics at levels you have never seen before 😉 So what’s left in the TODO list is:
– Test languages

I’ll probably release beta3 tomorrow, and I’ll release language packs with them so that betatesters can test them.

They’ll get the faenilator at the same time, which is in pre-alpha stage 😀

All this said, I can now say that the release could be only 2-3 weeks away 🙂

tell your friends! 😀


61 thoughts on “We’re very close to it…n2o5 is almost ready :)

  1. hi faenil … i read your update and i hope i can help you in any way because i like what you had do for us

    also i ask you if i could have the beta3 with Arabic language to test it for you and for all Arab member in your site

    thank you so much ….

  2. Make the looks better than Android…

    the one thing n2o4 lacked was looks ,i hope its not same for n205….

    All the best for a awesome fw…

  3. Why do you bother?? Brought an iPhone last week, should have done it a week after buying the i8910, face it – it is rubbish. I still look forward to seeing your firmware though – maybe it will be cool.

  4. Love those idiots praising the iphone in this website. We all know its a cool phone, every dick and jane has/wants one. No-one in here cares.

  5. YOU, Is there any change you’re going to mod Animation Plus app and N2O5 in a way that it works “Normally”? After restart user settings are preserved? C2Z not required? etc??? I hated “n2o4” branding on theme 🙁 You’ve to admit one thing, i’ve been irritating you since the n2o4 launch 😀 this way i’m your old enemy 😀

  6. Faenil perchè come grafica non usi la stessa della rom Codec Dark Edition ( by DSA )? In effetti se proprio devo essere sincero avevo tolto la tua rom solo per questo motivo…Grazie

  7. YOU know better animation plus guys are dead already… the last person who modded was hyperX guy (who released modded version under goodies). The point is, if this is your last release (which is suspect) then only you can mod these. To get rid of hissing sound, one has to enter *#0002*codex# > record ARM_AMR set things to 18dB right? Are you also going to forget to automate this?

  8. Hi Faenil,
    I wasn’t a big fan of updating the i8910.. haven’t done yet in 1 n half years..
    but now it has got too unstable..so gotta do it.. waiting for your n2o5..
    i hope its as good as getting a new phone !! I am on the default firmware..can i directly flash it with your custom ROM or should i need to update the firmware first?
    thanks for all the work you’re doing..really appreciated…

    1. You don’t have to update anything but to backup your personal stuuf is a must.

      Then you just flash it and get back your media, phonebook and you’re all set.

      1. Yes, I already backed up my stuff…images and videos mainly..
        I dont see a way to backup the messages..is there any? i have around 20k msgs!
        I was planning to flash with n2o4 but now waiting for n2o5..
        Please let me know if you find anyway to backup msgs..it takes ages to “update” the msgs on the phone browser in pc studio..

  9. [IMG]http://msg.dimonvideo.ru/sklad/files/1841855/51_scr000001.jpg[/IMG][IMG]http://msg.dimonvideo.ru/sklad/files/1841855/301_scr000001.jpg[/IMG]

  10. i appriciate your works bro, but i will suggest you to use original white icons at the bottom of the homescreen, because the icons used in n 204 were looking ugly.

  11. Hi Faenil, is it possible to remove (at least switch off temporarily) the energy saving features, such as no media playback??? Grazie per tutto 😉

  12. ciao…non vedo l’ora che esca…sono mesi che aspetto…..continua così…..il tuo lavoro è la nostra forza…il tuo risultato sarà per noi di grande soddisfazione ..ne sono sicuro…non pensare a chi lascia commenti stupidi….sono solo invidiosi….!!!
    sei grande!!!!

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