Fixing faenilator + do not block popups please

The faenilator is still having some issues, so I’m waiting to fix them before giving it out to the betatesters 🙂
I’m working on it now, if you want you can come in the live chat, to talk about n2o5 and samsung Omnia Hd i8910 if you have any problem 😉

, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO LET POPUPS SHOW, THEY WON’T BE INVASIVE SINCE THEY’RE POP-UNDERS (a second window will open but it will be in background, you won’t see it and it’s not disturbin)

25 thoughts on “Fixing faenilator + do not block popups please

  1. If Animation plus installs user choice effect files to C: and requires OS to read particular files from (C:) before (Z:), Is it not easy to hexEdit drive letter of only those theme file(s) in rom permanently to (C: )??? This actually eliminates need to activate c2z patch which creates other problems. FileBrowser can create list of files before applying an effect and after applying the effects (this will give 2 txt files, after comparing you will know which files exactly getting used). Such information can also help in making custom rompatcher patch which will not completely set C: for all apps… right?

    1. I’d love to do it as you say 🙂

      unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, we changed all paths to other drive, and we could not get the kastor effects to be loaded from drives different than Z (without patches)…

      if you feel lucky you can give it a try urself 😉

  2. hehe, you replied very fast… before i pressed submit button to my second post. Hmmm trying to understand, what exactly is inside c2z.rmp file? it is not a on-the-fly patch that patches memory? (sysbinEFSrv.dll) and you actually mod the file instead of patching?. I see so many numbers (XXXX 0000:1111) and if I’m understanding this right, the patch changes a particular list’s Z: to C: right? but because its changing the whole list, something goes wrong, but if only some of it gets changed, (animation plus required stuff) it should work fine right? Even if I find the address range,… applying the changes to rom is an unknown territory for me 😀 (which is something i’m assuming you’re good at)

    1. 1) stop using my nickname please
      2) c2z is not for kastors only.
      C2Z patches “open file” system calls so that the system always opens certain files from C before trying to load them from Z…

      it’s not kastor related

  3. maybe you’re being sarcastic and trying to make a point “try it youself, then you’ll know how hard i do”. 😀 hehe, you’re an ass if you’re making fun of me!

  4. Since you’re not going to respond anyways, few last words:
    01. just don’t forget black colored themes. Read under “Advantages” (

    02. In HX11, dude made gsm (in network setting) which made other two permanent as well. (cell info always ON even after turning off) hope you don’t screw up there…

    03. That phone torch is a MUST

    04. Watch your back (take rest and get a LIFE!) hehe

  5. popunder un cavolo! a me con chromeplus si apre una finestra bianca a tutto schermo in primo piano, che poi si chiude e se ne apre una più piccola, ma sempre in primo piano.

  6. ciao faenil! innanzitutto, ti ringrazio per tutto l’impegno e per il tempo che impieghi nello sviluppo delle rom dell’OHD…
    ho una domanda da porti, anzi, più che altro è una proposta! 🙂 allora, siccome spesso mi capita di dover utilizzare la videocamera in ambiti diversi (per lavoro, ai concerti, allo stadio, ecc), si riuscirebbe a creare un’app che consente di cambiare i parametri di registrazione dell’audio con un semplice tap, anzichè dover impostare manualmente tutti i valori tramite il codice “nascosto”?
    magari potrebbe essere un feature integrabile con il faenilator… 🙂

    (attendo con ansia la nuova rom ^^)

  7. faenil ho da porti due domande:
    1) nel faenilator hai messo la possibilità di attivare e disattivare il taskmenager 3d?
    2) per quanto riguarda la frequenza; i parametri si possono variare tramite il faenilator?? nn vorrei che nacquero i problemi 🙂

  8. This pop ads are annoying, can you please turn it off, because my frfefox pop up blocker is always blinking, because it need to stop it so many ads.

    Now I have a feeling that I am on same ads low cost webpage!

  9. YOU seem to be living in dinosaur age (both of you) 😀 One is claiming about “popunder” while forgetting “TABs” in modern browsers. The other is pure dinosaur who doesn’t even know about ad blockers or firewalls in the first place…

    To specially help my dear SELF nick, here… some tips to change your strategies:
    01 google “ad block” the word put by myself (the nick) 😀

    1. So clever , but not enough to figure things out yourself? Pathetic, aint you?
      Omg, you figured out FF adblock + extension… how clever of you…

  10. The real Faenil rocks,the second one(fake one),rocks too,but the “king” will step forward,tall on 2-3 weeks on.Hope it’s not a bluff.

  11. tengo un problema cuando llamo la pantalla se pone negra y no funciona tactil cuando termina la llamada todo vuelve ha funcionar espero que me alludes con el problema.
    gracia por tu trabajo es fantastico

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