Nokia and Qt trying to stop me :D

about beta3: I’m stuck, again.

The problem is faenilator needs TCB security to be able to copy files to /resource/versions/ ——— (It is needed for the faenilator’s ID change feature to work)

to use TCB capability, Qt has to have TCB too…

BUT, public Qt libraries do not have TCB capability, so I created a modded version of Qt to give it TCB cap…

BUT, I can’t get some components to install!!!!

AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IT DOESN’T INSTALL!!! It gets till half of installing process and the BOOM “Unable to install”

So….I’m looking for a solution to this…

which is HOPEFULLY the last problem I’m going to face before beta3.

Good morning everyone,

10 thoughts on “Nokia and Qt trying to stop me :D

    1. no non voglio che clicchiate per forza le pubblicità, è stato proprio questo il problema con adsense, qualcuno che pensava di fare del bene ha fatto del male…

      le pubblicità vanno cliccate solo quanto siete veramente interessati.

      Grazie 😉

  1. ma per quanto riguarda il problema che ogni tanto il browser internet si chiude dasolo??
    oppure installare il flash player 10 come in android

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