i8910tuning (faenilator) into the wild + ads

Okay buys betatesters are now testing beta3, which includes the i8910tuning app! πŸ™‚

The feedback has been great so far, and I’m happy about that because there’s much more I can do to make the app better πŸ™‚

Qt + Qt’s Quick is a wonderful combo! πŸ™‚

About the ads: I have deleted the popup ads and the sliding bottom banner, since it annoyed many of you…
and they made me earn 0.80€ a week more or less…I’ll leave the cost-per-click ads on the main page…

Have a nice day!

37 thoughts on “i8910tuning (faenilator) into the wild + ads

      1. first install virtual machine software on ur win7(search on internet for v. Machine if u dnt have). Then install win-xp on ur virtual machine by using win-xp bootable cd or image. Then instal required drivers and then u can flash ur fon.

    1. We’re not magicians, you can’t make battery life much better…

      you’ll get the same battery life of other firmwares, maybe slightly more…slightly

  1. Hi Faenil, Its been some good time with you. I enjoyed your firmwares. was waiting desperately for your last one but I guess I am out of this community since I bought Samsung Galaxy S II…

    Hope to find you there soon. Do give time to Android. Its having millions of users and I think you will not be less than any Developer out there.

    All the best..


    1. sono componenti integrati in ROM, che noi non possiamo toccare, quindi non possono essere rimossi del tutto, cioè se qualcuno poi volesse reinstallarli avrebbe problemi.

      resta tutto così

  2. ciao, anche io aspetto il tuo CFW, ho un omnia hd preso di seconda mano, se il codice blocco fosse stato personalizzato Γ¨ un problema per il cambio firmware?attualmente monta hx-v11.Grazie

  3. Io non ti chiedo nulla, ringrazio te e tutti quelli che hanno reso possibile l’utilizzo di questo terminale per tutto questo tempo, e spero per altro, visto che la casa madre Samsung ci ha abbandonato, io sono passato ad Iphone 4 e sotto il punto di vista assistenza, aggiornamenti e tanto altro Apple fa la differenza.
    Aspetto il rilascio di questa nuova release per testarla, grazie ancora e buon continuo!!!

    1. and you hope that there are 100 versions of firmware and bugs like hx too? πŸ˜‰

      I flashed my phone more than 1000 times, don’t see why you should be scared to flash it twice πŸ˜‰

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