No problems so far, finishing touches

Okay guys, it seems like no problems have been found in the language packs πŸ˜‰

Languages tested:
– Arabic
– Italian
– English
– Dutch
– Portuguese
– Spanish
– Russian
– German

Those ones seem to be okay, and so should be the others, but I can’t guarantee it because I have no testers for those languages…

Today or tomorrow I’m rolling out the first update to the i8910tuning app, which has been greatly appreciated by betatesters…mainly bugfixes this time.

A second version will come out as soon as I have more time to code…I’m very busy with university studies, but trust me, i8910tuning app is looking great πŸ™‚


86 thoughts on “No problems so far, finishing touches

  1. If u need Polish lang pack tester just write a e-mail πŸ˜‰ i can’t wait n2o5 πŸ™‚ will u make lastest QT for i8910 (as 4.7.1 version)?

        1. I know that’s a problem caused by new Qt libraries on the old faenilator.

          I don’t know if it’s faenilator’s or qt’s bug.

          Anyway, you won’t have that on n2o5, the i8910tuning app is completely new πŸ˜‰

  2. Good….Very Good News….
    Thanks for your time and code…
    Is this N205 will support OVI Maps(latest)?
    I have seen HX-V7 supporting OVI maps but OVI Maps modded by HX..
    please integrate OVI Maps to n205 If possible…

  3. Hi Faenil,

    Could you please include a tutorial or somethin later on when you release it officially about how to install this n2o5 for first time users?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  4. Title: Re: MEEGO on N8 Post by: fonix232 on 01 November 2010, 22:37 Nope, no need for that πŸ˜›
    If everything is correctly set, you can flash
    the bootloader from symbian-developer
    forum (the open source one) with extended
    dual-boot, with an MX-Key.
    But still, Maemo isn’t even done, does not support most of the hardware of the N8, and
    not to talk about other things… so no, it won’t
    happen soon I think. Maybe on android or iphone

    Just a simple question can this now be realised

  5. Hi faenil, i still can’t await your new n2o5. I must admit that i haven’t used your N2o4 but the installed N2o3 works like a charm. Sooo i “never touch the runnning system” πŸ˜‰ Now you are experienced in programmin QT (for your faenilator) therefor i would like to aks you if you give me a hint how to learn qt from the beginning ? You have found a good book or do you use the all over the net shared information ? Would it be a great advantage to know C++ for basic comprehension ??? I would like to write a shift planing tool, that writes the shift in my calendar….

    Thx in advance and i wish you success for ypur study



    1. hi Rhonin, I studied C at university, so I have no C++ specific skills.

      I did not use any book to learn Qt, just read tutorials, sourcecode, and practised πŸ™‚

      good luck πŸ˜‰

  6. Seriously, How many patches and how many Versions?
    Why dont you just give us a Year now than a date, you think by 2014 your N205 will be out? No ones perfect,there will be bugs when u release n205, guarantee it…. so dont waste time and release the beast !

  7. hey there hyperfaenil guy (terrible uncreative name btw) can’t you read idiot? Faenil says he needs to StudY unlike people like you who have nothing to do but wait on your computer every single day hoping your loser of a phone would get an update from a sympathizing developer. In case you haven’t noticed faenil is doing this for Free and if you want him to hurry up make your self useful and shut up or give him a huge donation so that he doesn’t need to worry about uni.

      1. Faenil non dirlo neanche per scherzo !! Non Γ¨ mica il tuo attuale lavoro… era una battuta la mia eh.. πŸ˜‰
        Anche io sono sotto esami (il 27 per l’esattezza ho MD) e sto mettendo tutto il resto in secondo piano…
        Scusa la domanda, ma (credo di averlo letto da qualche parte) anche tu studi informatica a Pisa ??!
        …forse me lo sono inventato io… ^_^

        1. sΓ¬sΓ¬ sono a Pisa πŸ˜‰ ma MD l’ho data il primo anno πŸ™‚ ora sono al terzo πŸ˜‰

          spero per te tu abbia avuto il Gaiffi, Γ¨ troppo forte come prof πŸ™‚ geniale πŸ™‚

          1. Non proprio. Il corso era tenuto dalla “Del Corso” (che gioco di parole !! ma si chiama cosΓ¬!! :D) e il Gaiffi si Γ¨ fatto vedere solo nella prima parte dello stesso e facevano pure a turni…
            oh… magari, quindi, ci siamo pure visti al Fibonacci !! πŸ˜‰

  8. ot:
    Γ¨ possibile che da oggi il mio i8910 mi faccia vedere i video in flash su youtube? e pure bene!
    fino a qualche tempo fa non andavano!!!

  9. Hi,

    Thanks so much for the hard work. I am just wondering if you can still make a Chinese version?

    I am sorry to hear that there were some Chinese beta testers previously and have leaked out your work. πŸ™

    Hope you won’t get the impression that all Chinese i8910 users are like that.

    I have great respect for your work and have faithfully supporting this site and have donated multiple times.

    Even if you won’t be making a Chinese version, I hope that you won’t have a negative impression of all Chinese users.

    Thank you once again. Great work!

      1. aa!!allora verso inizi luglio.. va bn.. nn cΓ¨ fretta.. tanto tu sei l’unica speranza.. cmq se ti posso dare un consiglio lascia una versione beta per tutti… poi per la versione fix prenditi anche 2 3 mesi.. l’importante e che nn ci sia nemmeno un minimo errore πŸ™‚
        lo so che nn sei un mago ma vedi quello che puoi fare πŸ™‚

  10. Faenil said to release the firmware next mont,God help him with his exams,but to say that he’s doing baddly with his exams,because he spent lot of time to do that firmware,it’s not a blame 4 us.maybe if we donate him more,he will decide to release it first,’cause the betas withot the faenilator are not differents.there for,he aspecting some money,cause he knew how to get some few euros easy.the others didn’t ask 4 donations.that sucks,shame on u.

    1. this is called passion man, and you seem to know nothing about it.

      You know, when you spend 6 months working on something, would you release it without it being the best thing you can release? I could have released n2o5 two months ago if I thought the i8910tuning app was not important.

      Plus, watch your language, we’re not in a bar. Thanks

  11. We expect so much in n205 bcoz your previous ones really made us surprised. You r so considerate in 205 that why it takes a lot of time

  12. NONE donates before seeing the work done.

    So if it were like you say, I would have had to release it months ago! When there were many more i8910 users –> many more people who could donate!

    Or I could have set a Donation GOAL as some other people *ehm ehm* HYPERX *ehm ehm* already did MULTIPLE TIMES!

    Instead, I’m here spending my days into making something useful for the community, and make it the best possible since this is probably the last thing you’re going to get from a modder, and what do I get?

    YOU make me sad.

    I’m so disappointed.

  13. I donate if I believe in project…. but not to hoax. To you always, as you NEVER FAILED and you’re stubborn to the bone (in most positive way of thinking and working)… so you deserve every cent you get! πŸ˜€

  14. will n205 be released in this month or next?
    because there are some dollars in my poket that wanna be donated : )
    omg 6 month of work respect for that…

    people who spend their money for hyper’s s..t
    were really dump and after he had his money bar filled he surprised them with random crashes
    and sometimes even with really really cool E: drive ressets. thumbs up for that xD

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