Comments open to registered users only, again

Sorry guys, it seems like some people have too much spare time, and use it in the wrong way.

Only registered users will be able to comment from now on, again.

I left comments open to everyone to let everyone leave their opinions and help me make my firmwares better, but as usual, there are some people who like ruining other people’s work.

I hope you won’t stop commenting though 😉

Just register using the button on the right 😉

Send an email to if you have any problems in registering or logging in 🙂

31 thoughts on “Comments open to registered users only, again

  1. Ciao Faenil,
    beh era ora!dovevi prenderlo almeno un mese fa sto provvedimento del login.
    Troppa marmaglia….
    Grazie di tutto cio che fai e…waiting for n2o5 codename GLADIATOR
    Scherzo 😀 ma trova un bel nome please 🙂

  2. c’è poco da fare… faenil sei il migliore! 😀
    purtroppo non saprei come rendermi utile… così mi son registrato solo per spammarti ringraziamenti a raffica! 😛 ahahah
    se accetti suggerimenti, propongo DIE HARD come nome di questa rom… mi sembra il nome più adatto, visto che samsung ha deciso di far “morire” questo terminale anzitempo, e visto che sei rimasto l’ultimo cuoco (ribadisco, il migliore! xD)che si dedica ancora al nostro caro omnia HD…


    PS: sono stra curioso di vedere e provare l’i8910tuning app ^^

    PPS: in bocca al lupo per gli esami! 😀

  3. So guys, i am going to answer that question for FAENIL 😉
    Fainil said that he will try to finish the n2o5 custom Firmware in the first week of July.
    But he is not sure, because he has a lot of work because he is studying…
    So please let him do his work and don´t waste his Time with comments like those 🙂
    Just be patient…
    He will not of course forget the Firmware ;D

    Greez, Alan (ClickTune)

  4. Hi people! I am from Serbia and I just want to give regards to Omnia lovers, and say BIG THANX to people like Faenil. I have Omnia i8910 for a year and a half and I think that i will never change that cellphone. It’s simply amazing. I have n203 installed and until now i don’t have any problems on my device. Still, I can’t wait n205 firmware to try it. Thanx Faenil! 🙂

    1. you just linked something already recucled gazzilino of times… it is NOT i8910 and w7 IS NOT going to happen on this phone. Learn some before posting is my only advice.

      JFYI, it was the only w7 prototype (aside some crappy LG prototype, even crappier then this one) at the time being and samsung provided i8910 specs hardware with slight changes so M$ could reach out with its crappy OS… nothing more then that. Where is w7 Samsung phone now? nowhere… so you see.. inform yourself before posting is a must.

  5. it won’t happen, unless you’re the creator of it.

    what is wrong with you people? have patience, at least that!

    faenil is doing things others are not doing anymore and he HAS his own personal life, get it?

    1. Yeah Fevves, I said that already, but no metter how often we say it, they will ask, and ask, and ask :/ I know it is getting on my nerves too! Faenil needs to study! I think it is just much more important now! 🙂

  6. Manybe it’s a little to laid, but is there any chance that you can write a patch which removes the keylock completely so that we are able to install other keylocker software without double keylock?

    MfG Jojo

  7. Ciao Faenil, non ti ringrazierò mai abbastanza per il lavoro che fai per noi ( in effetti non ti avevo ancora mai ringraziato AHAHA)
    Ciao a tutti gli amici del mitico chef Faenil nonché possessori dell’ottimo i8910.
    Volevo proporre il codename ENEAH (exams never end and help) per la nuova n2o5, perchè questo è l’ennesimo esame per il nostro terminale che, così, continua a crescere, ma soprattutto perché il nostro Faenil è sempre alle prese con lo studio e, nonostante ciò, riesce a trovare il tempo di compilare. Grazie chef.

    Hi, Faenil. I’ll do not thank you enough for the work you do for us (well, actually, I’ve never done that AHAHA)
    Hi to all friends of the legendary chef Faenil and owners of the excellent i8910.
    I wanted to suggest the codename ENEAH (exams never end and help) for the new n2o5, ’cause this is yet another test for our terminal but mainly because our Faenil is still grappling with the study and despite this, he manages to find time to compile and improve our i8910. Thank you, chef.

    Infine voglio dire una cosa a rischio di rendermi impopolare e cioè che Faenil è come la Magica: Non si discute, si ama.
    Ciao a tutti, see U next time.

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