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  • Q: How does StartBackup work?

A: StartBackup is a very nice tool made by madhacker in QT, so first of all to use it you’ll need to install the QT Libraries using my QT Installer

Once you have installed qt libraries, you can start the software…

It is very easy to use, just go settings screen and put a tick on the things you want to Backup.

If you want to make a backup, just hit Activate, and reboot –> Once rebooted, you’ll have to wait some minutes for the software to backup all your files. A text will popup once the backup has successfully terminated, don’t do anything before the popup appears please; The backup will create E:/Backup/ folder;

If you want to restore your backup, just take the Backup folder that was created when you made the backup, and copy it to E:/ so that you’ll have all the files in E:/Backup. Now open StartBackup, and hit Restore, and then Reboot. Once rebooted, wait for the popup to tell that the software has successfully restored all your files…


  • Q: How does the “Faenilator” work?

A: The faenilator is an app I wrote using QT libraries, so first of all you need to install qt libraries on your phone using my QT Installer.

Once you have installed the qt libraries, you can start “faenilator”. The faenilator has a very simple and userfriendly GUI developed in QT, all you need to do is just hit the button and a popup menu will appear, which will let you choose between multiple option (for example, Video AF / Video PF)

It really needs no more explanations, just open it and use it!  🙂

More features will be added as time goes, now that I have made the basis of the app 🙂

  • Q: How can I go back to the widget Hs if I don’t like your flash hs (this means that you have flashed the n2o4_base_gadg version, otherwise, widget hs is already there)

Just extract this package in E:/ and reboot! 🙂

  • Q: How can I change the icons in FingerUse and Basic Homescreens?

A: Just change the file in “C:/private\10207254\themes\271012080\270513751\271063148\1.0\sources” if you want to change Basic HS icons or change the file in “C:\private\10207254\themes\271012080\270513751\271068379\1.0\sources” to change FingerUse HS icons! 🙂

To edit the mif file you’ll need SisContents , here’s and extract from elalmadecuba’s guide:

Tools: SisContents 1.5.1, SVG icons
Copy the file ss60_toolbar_icons.mif from C:/private/10207254/themes/271012080/270513751/271063148/1.0/sources to any place on your PC.
Now open SisContents and create a New Package,
Then go to Contents section,
Add Entry –> Add file entry, select ss60_toolbar_icons.mif, OK.
Now, go to View Details, you’re going to see 4 entries, and the entries follow this order:
Entry1 = icon 2 (Contacts)
Entry2 = icon 1 (Telephone)
Entry3 = icon 3 (Messaging)
Entry4 = icon 4 (Menu)

Select the entry you want to change and click in “Replace image”, select the new SVG image.
Do the same with other entries, when finish click Close.
Now, select Extract and save wherever you want.

  • – Q: How can I change the icons in your special flash homescreen?

A: Copy the images you want to use into E:/icons/ and then open E:/icons.xml and change the app_image attributes of the icon you want to change! It’s very easy! 🙂 PNG icons are recommended 😉

57 thoughts on “n2o4 Q/A

  1. ive been wondering…all your posts seems too technical?!? need to flash this and that. install this and then that. i dont want to sound rude. but, hyper-x has this one time flash all with just a single button…

    can you do the same also. so, it can truly lower the tech level. just because we know how to flash the cfw of the i8910. doesnt mean we really know what we are doing. right? i do hope something like this does happen. so i can also test your ware. thanks

    my double flashing is required for the language system to work, and that language system is the system which lets you ALWAYS have a fixed UPDATED version for all languages at the VERY SAME TIME. I told this many times…what do you think now about your suggestion? 🙂

  2. Have been a fan of HX and have been using his cfw since HX V5 till HX V11. The latest fw was buggy and very unstable. Unfortunately had to reflash to an older version but also wanted to try yours n2o4 cfw so had a go for it. And here is my experience of it.
    1. Hated the file extension 7z, it should have been in rar format as its with language pack.
    2. Was a stable version but slow compared to HX cfw.
    3. On restoring the back up the useful shortcuts on the homescreen vanished so did a reflash and on reboot was stuck with a screen displaying “SAMSUNG I8910” which kept on blinking. So reflashed HX V8main and got the phone working.
    4. The faneilator and backup didn’t work. The QT libaries should have been in the base firmware.
    5. Loved your iphone app and G translate app.
    Would request you to find a solution for the call logs problem as the call log is erased when the phone is rebooted. HX patch for it didn’t work.
    Would wait for your next cfw to use it.
    Appreciate yours and HX efforts in keeping this phone alive. Hats off to u both.

  3. Dear Master Faenil,
    thanks for your excellent cfw. It really rocks hard my phone!
    Just a question: I’ve just read your reply about how to change the four homescreen icons but I’d need to know how to get the original samsung white icons instead of morkino’s style ones. Thanks a lot.

    nokioteca.net moderator and proud n2o4 (hx-overclocked @800mhz) user.

  4. hi there,
    first of all, thxs 4 all your work on the 8910 …
    i got one in my hands, asking for a lock code … is there a way to flash it and get rid of these stupid question, the answer i don’t know?

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