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  • Q: How does StartBackup work?

A: StartBackup is a very nice tool made by madhacker in QT, so first of all to use it you’ll need to install the QT Libraries using my QT Installer

Once you have installed qt libraries, you can start the software…

It is very easy to use, just go settings screen and put a tick on the things you want to Backup.

If you want to make a backup, just hit Activate, and reboot –> Once rebooted, you’ll have to wait some minutes for the software to backup all your files. A text will popup once the backup has successfully terminated, don’t do anything before the popup appears please; The backup will create E:/Backup/ folder;

If you want to restore your backup, just take the Backup folder that was created when you made the backup, and copy it to E:/ so that you’ll have all the files in E:/Backup. Now open StartBackup, and hit Restore, and then Reboot. Once rebooted, wait for the popup to tell that the software has successfully restored all your files…


  • Q: How does the “Faenilator” work?

A: The faenilator is an app I wrote using QT libraries, so first of all you need to install qt libraries on your phone using my QT Installer.

Once you have installed the qt libraries, you can start “faenilator”. The faenilator has a very simple and userfriendly GUI developed in QT, all you need to do is just hit the button and a popup menu will appear, which will let you choose between multiple option (for example, Video AF / Video PF)

It really needs no more explanations, just open it and use it!  🙂

More features will be added as time goes, now that I have made the basis of the app 🙂

  • Q: How can I go back to the widget Hs if I don’t like your flash hs (this means that you have flashed the n2o4_base_gadg version, otherwise, widget hs is already there)

Just extract this package in E:/ and reboot! 🙂

  • Q: How can I change the icons in FingerUse and Basic Homescreens?

A: Just change the file in “C:/private\10207254\themes\271012080\270513751\271063148\1.0\sources” if you want to change Basic HS icons or change the file in “C:\private\10207254\themes\271012080\270513751\271068379\1.0\sources” to change FingerUse HS icons! 🙂

To edit the mif file you’ll need SisContents , here’s and extract from elalmadecuba’s guide:

Tools: SisContents 1.5.1, SVG icons
Copy the file ss60_toolbar_icons.mif from C:/private/10207254/themes/271012080/270513751/271063148/1.0/sources to any place on your PC.
Now open SisContents and create a New Package,
Then go to Contents section,
Add Entry –> Add file entry, select ss60_toolbar_icons.mif, OK.
Now, go to View Details, you’re going to see 4 entries, and the entries follow this order:
Entry1 = icon 2 (Contacts)
Entry2 = icon 1 (Telephone)
Entry3 = icon 3 (Messaging)
Entry4 = icon 4 (Menu)

Select the entry you want to change and click in “Replace image”, select the new SVG image.
Do the same with other entries, when finish click Close.
Now, select Extract and save wherever you want.

  • – Q: How can I change the icons in your special flash homescreen?

A: Copy the images you want to use into E:/icons/ and then open E:/icons.xml and change the app_image attributes of the icon you want to change! It’s very easy! 🙂 PNG icons are recommended 😉

57 thoughts on “n2o4 Q/A

  1. Posso aggiungere altri temi di schermata iniziale? ad esempio oratsu ?
    can i add another home screen themeS? for example oratsu by hyperx v8?

    posso inserire un video/audio di accenzione e spegnimento cellulare?
    can i add an splash screen and sound at starup/shutdown?

    of course you can, read n2o3 changelog for the animations 😉

  2. another question : can i install the hxpatcher ?
    it’s interesting utility it can force overclock, orientation for single apps and change kinetic settings.

    of course you can 😉

  3. I heard that you use to make faulty firmwares with spywares and time bomb installed on it (see link below), is it true?
    LINK Link removed
    That was long time age, I’ve changed since then 😉

  4. Hey Faenil! Congrats on your new baby 😀 great work brother! god bless you.. You said the HX patcher app can be installed? Isn’t it integrated in the HX roms?
    hey Pierluigi, could you give me the link to the HX Patcher app? or could you please upload the same and pass on the link? Thanks.

  5. Hi Faenail, congrats on the new release n204, I am running the same. Extremely fast. excellent Kastor effects.

    But I have an issue though : Whenever I try to install any application (which was working fine on n203) I get the error “Required application access not granted”. I am unable to install Phone torch, Tsunami homescreen to name a few apps.. Pls help..

  6. Faenil i ‘ve used n2o3 for more time ,now i use hx v8, because same functions are interesting (hxpatcher, miniqwerty)and i modify system sound and homescreen on to e:\).

    Now i would like to test n2o4 before use it, i ask u same questions:

    -can i custom all system sound?

    -can i: modify cell id, boost cell to 600 mhz and modify kinetic orientation for single apps?, if not, i must install hxpather (if
    hyperx authorize me)or you ‘ve another solution?

    -can i install smartsearch and smartreader? i’ve only n2o3 version, are good for n2o4?

    -in changelog you report: “FingerUse and Basic Homescreens icons can now be changed!” but change are made in c:\ not in E:\ why not?

    – same people ask you in “wdr” can be putted off by default.

  7. Hi Faenil, thx for all the work you have done, i really apreciate it. I don`t know very much about flashing and i want to ask you how exactly do i install n2o4? i launched the software and connected the phone but it says disconnected everywhere, i tried in all modes and with the phone off, can you help me , please?

  8. Ho flashato con la versione n2o4_base_gadg version (favolosa)
    E’ possibile, dopo aver provato “n2o4_widgeths.rar”, ripristinare la versione originale flash hs? (senza dover effettuare nuovo flash?Saluti!

  9. thank u bro
    this is fastest CFW ever

    BUG : “UPDATE ERROR” when trying to install “n2o3_IWantTask3D” kit in n2o4!
    so… is there any solution to enable 3D-TaskManager in n2o4 ??


    It’s working perfectly…just tried on my phone…maybe you have some files left in your mmc, delete Private, resource, sys, system folders from your microsd

  10. yes, u r right 🙂
    problem solved

    i have to uninstall “n2o3_IWantNav3D”, and then install “n2o3_IWantNav3D”. they can not install together.
    or just install “n2o3_IWantTask3D&NAV3D” if i want both of them!

    btw it wasn’t a bug really 😉
    thank you.

    u know my english is terrible, is not it? ;))

  11. Naitro says:
    September 1st, 2010 11:54 am

    Hi Faenil, thx for all the work you have done, i really apreciate it. I don`t know very much about flashing and i want to ask you how exactly do i install n2o4? i launched the software and connected the phone but it says disconnected everywhere, i tried in all modes and with the phone off, can you help me , please?

    http://bernabei.me/?page_id=436 is explaining everything re flashing faenils CFWs.

  12. Thanks again for your work on this firmware, i was hoping that you would be able to make it so that when
    using the phone in portrait or landscape for typing that the orientation would be recognised and the
    keyboard would reflect that. Do you envisage making this possible at some point in the future?


  13. ciao faenil, ho installato n2o4, tutto bene per adesso.
    volevo cambiare la homescreen samsung widget, volevo installare bluespectrumhs, per intenderci quello che ha le icone che aprono i programmi solo se trascinati verso il centro del monitor .

    per fare questo ho rinominato il file gadget.swf in e: ho poi incollato il nuovo e la relativa cartella sempre in e:

    ma non funzia.

    mi spieghi come fare??

    forse perchè stai usando la n2o4 NOGADG oppure la n2o4 NOKSMENU NO GADG…
    se stai usando la n2o4 GADG invece, basta riavviare e funziona

  14. bug?
    ho provato a inserire diverse immagini in modalità presentazione (mi riferisco alle immagini di sfondo del cellulare), sono riuscito a inserirne 11 , ma se provo a selezionarne altri si chiude tutto e sono costretto a ri-entrare nel menu ,qualcuno ha lo stesso problema?

  15. Hello Faenil,

    First of all I wanna congratulate you for building a very great firmware. I really love ” The Queen ” , I was using you’re firmware for a lot of time and i really like them since they’re almost complete.

    However recently i got a problem with this rom , though it’s not a bug. I accidentally deleted the .png files in E:/icons folder since the files in named folder showed on my gallery and i deleted the files on galleries, then i reboot the phone ( well it was low batt actually.) then all the icons in homescreen (gadget version) are lost .

    So i would like to ask you to upload the icons folder and tell other users to hide the icon folder using the file explorer so they won’t get the same problem i have.

    thanks in advance …

    i miei distinti saluti

  16. to me it does not work at all the “faenilator” when I start, just black screen appears where wait 2sec after the menu appears again. sorry for my english. what is the problem?

  17. Faenil,

    Thank you so much for the great work.

    There is one bug (or potentially a bug) I found in the Chinese localization.

    With the Chinese localization installed, if you set:

    -Phone Language= English (or Auto)
    -Input Language = Chinese

    Then apps will crash when you get to the text input mode. (e.g. create message will exit when trying to enter text)

    Also, when turning off the phone and turn back on, the phone will get suck and screen kept flashing white. This can only be solved by a hard reset.

    Currently, the workaround is make sure that you set:
    – Phone language = Chinese
    – Input language = Chinese or English.

    I was hoping to be able to make all menus in English while being able to read and write Chinese. That’s why I wanted to set Phone language = English and input Language = Chinese.

    Is it something simple to fix?

  18. FAENIL! Thank you so much for your n204. I have just flashed it but i realise some problems:
    1. No dial icon in samsung hs widget(very inconvenient when make a call or check account).
    2.in other hs. There is dial icon but no number.
    Can you have any solution to solve this problem? Thank you

  19. By editing the theme in use so it has white text for radio frequency… not an easy task if you’re using built-in theme bar fairly easy if it’s the one you’re installing on your own. You need to use SisContents and edit the theme package per Aquarius tutorial here: http://forums.samsungi8910omnia.com/samsung-i8910-themes-widgets-other-gui-graphical-modifications/7670-tutorial-how-change-colour-phone-number-telephone-application.html

    I know it treats dialpad, but it’s the same procedure for Radio and PM text colors.

  20. On mine it is where it always was as I’m using the version with original Widgets TouchWiz HS. I get it also there if I use Tsunami HS, Basic/Finger Use HS or SPB Shell.

  21. Dear Faenil..


    Im using yr n204 F/W and Im thoroughly enjoyin it.. Great work..

    Kindly help me on this…

    I installed QT installer using yr myQT installer and right now wat ever u said like PIPs, upgrade for PIPS etc etc are installed in phone memory(C:/) and wen i downloaded wikitude from download for i8910 section ( http://www.wikitude.org/dedownloadendownload ) and installed it , its installing on to the phone memory and again while installing dependicies it’s installing half way down and says ” could not install -PIPS.sis erroe, please uninstall your old QT version ” something like that n installation fails..

    Wat’s d real problem I jus want to know…. whr am i to download the exact stuff and the exact supporting files.. Please help me.

    Thanks in advance.


  22. apprezzo molto il tuo lavoro Faenil. è la terza rom che utilizzo delle tue e devo dire che mi sono trovato sempre ottimamente. in quest’ultima però ho notato un problema serio con la videochiamata che io utilizzo frequentemente. sembra andare tutto bene ma quando l’altro risponde non si vede ne si sente niente da entrambe le parti. in più cliccando su opzioni a videochiamata aperta le opzioni non compaiono. poi un altro problema è il lettore musicale che non mi si apre per nulla. che devo fare? puoi risolvere in breve o è meglio che riflasho la n2o3? grazie in anticipo della tua disponibilità

  23. @ comment 31 (bschai):

    All I need to do is be able to display Chinese characters, everything else will be in English. Can you confirm for me that if I set

    Phone Language= English (or Auto)
    Input Language = English

    I should be able to still get SMS in Chinese?


  24. I’ve got some problem with my new n2o4. The phone was on, when I realized that the theme (and backround) had changed to the original, without me changing it. I thought I should reboot my phone, but when I try to get it on again, it just get stucked in that “www.samsungmobile.com”-point. What can I do?

    Thank you!

  25. Got the phone on! I think the problem might have come because of a low battery. Despite of that, the original theme is still on. Can themes and backrounds change because of low battery?

  26. oggi ho fato tutti i tentativi con questa rom per la videochiamata. ho provato prima a vedere la sim su un nokia 95 per vedere se era un problema della 3 ( ho questo operatore). risultato: era tutto OK! allora provo con la rom n2o4 in tutte le configurazioni possibili con o senza gadgets, WDR ON/OFF, ecc.. NON c’era verso che la videochiamata funzionasse! sembra andare tutto bene; l’altro tel squilla ma quando risponde ne si vede ne si sente nulla da tutte e due le parti. in più dalla parte dove c’è la rom cucinata con la n204 le OPZIONI sulla parte bassa SX, NON si aprono! credo proprio che ci sia un bug nel sistema… forse il faenilator? mah! Risultato ho riflashato la n2o3 che era Ottima. grazie comunque a Faenil per il suo lavoro che continuo ad apprezzare molto. chissà se riesce a trovare il sistema per far funzionare la videochiamata con la n2o4. lui dice che con la wind funziona. ma forse ha solo provato gli squilli che fino a lì va tutto ok. il problema è alla risposta.

  27. Sir I have tried this new release, I was very satisfied with the speed and camera, but the problem is that I can’t make video calls. When I switch back to n203 my video call is working again…

    I hope you can check on this.

    Thank you!

  28. Hello and thanks the good work !!
    i have litle problem… i update the n204 and try to send mms textmessage (litle photo). The phone try send the message but it don´t go, it´s send and send and send…i look in mms setup and everything was okey… i install the firmware again and try but no.. message don´t leave 🙁

  29. G’day, during a call with n204 the loudspeaker keeps jumping back to the earpiece during a call..Does this happen to anyone else?
    I have re-flashed a few times but it still does it 😕

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