New Qt Installation package coming ;)

Hi guys a new installer is coming 😉

This one is much more userfriendly, I’m sure you’ll like it!! 🙂

Nothing to click, it just works 😉

Online tomorrow afternoon with another surprise 😉

cheers ^_^

10 thoughts on “New Qt Installation package coming ;)

  1. Way to Go!

    If we can have a Qt libs 100% working, our i8910 will have alot of app!!!! 😛

    at the moment there are only few apps written in QT, but they should get more and more as time goes 🙂

  2. Hi all, can anyone tell me what is QT used for?

    I am still very confused about this app… 😳

    you need those libraries you use software written in Qt 😉

  3. I’m using n2o3 and have installed the QT. All whent well!!
    But installing wikitude_i8910.sis I get the error – Unable to install dependencies (pips.sis,-1).Uninstall old version of Qt first.
    not sure what to do plz help!

    read the latest post 🙂

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