Welcome to i8910, QT!

This is the first of the many surprises that are coming in the next days!!!!!! 😉

Hi guys!
This post I’m going to show you something really interesting…something breathtaking for the many of you who know what I’m talking about…QT!
Qt (pronounced as “cute”) is a framework which supports pcs and mobile phones, and it is done so that you can use the same software on many OS without changing the whole code each time (the technical name is “crossplatform”)
As you may know, Qt is the way Nokia is pursuing to try to call all Symbian Developers back, and try to make his appstore florish as the Apple’s or Google’s ones.
Qt is easy to develop software on, and it is already used in many softwares for PC like VLC Player, Google Earth, Maya, and many others…
Well, at this point you maybe asking “why making this intro to Qt?”…
the point is, once again, we as i8910 users were on the point of being discriminated regarding software compatibility for our phone…
Nokia has released the Qt libraries, and you all know this because Wikitude (www.wikitude.org) and Summeli’s emulators (www.summeli.fi), WordPress for Symbian, ComingSoon, are all software which are made in QT, but they all share the same probem…
Why? Because the Qt_installer, which is the package which installs Qt libraries with 19 capabilities, only installs on Nokia phones!!
And what about us? We’ve been told to use a “self-signed” version of the package which includes the same Qt-libraries but with only 5 capabilities!!!!! (read **)
The result is —> Software don’t have enough “priviledges” tu run and do all the things they need to do on our phones, thus creating mess, crashing, or not starting at all!

My plans for this summer included studying and learning Qt, so as I came to know we had a somehow “limited” version of the Qt libraries, and that most of the softwares would have not run on i8910…I thought THIS IS NOT FAIR! I NEED Qt TO WORK!
But I had too many things to study and exams were on the way, so I decided to wait for me to have some free time, which is why I’m posting all this now (in the meanwhile a partial official solution has been found, read **)…

In the meanwhile, the guys from Wikitude have found a workaround to let wikitude work (even if it is not working ok for everybody) on i8910…

This means that maybe other software will not work with Wikitude libraries!
Basically my idea, which has come to reality thanks to the help of madhacker (whom you can all welcome aboard 😉 ) is to create a new Qt libraries package with all the 19 capabilities that the Nokia’s package has!
This means, the Qt packages we have on i8910 will be THE SAME PACKAGE AS THE ONE FOR NOKIA PHONES!!!
This means all qt software will work on our phone as they do on Nokia’s phones!
So you can all say WELCOME ABOARD REAL QT!!

I have added also a modified QtMobility 1.0.1 package, so that we are sure to have all the Qt libraries available!!! 🙂
Qt + Symbian
ps Only one advice, it seems like Samsung’s changed APIs give some problems to Qt software which tries to recognise the phone in landscape mode, so only use portrait mode with Qt software please 😉

I’m sorry for those who have already sold their i8910…
for those who still haven’t, keep it tight! You just got a future-proof feature on your Omnia HD!

1) Install the .sis files and you’re done

I’ll make some posts about the new possibilities that this mod offers to our phone 😉 so STAY TUNED!!


**(Update: this is possible now thanks to Qt beta2, but only some files are installable in an official way, dependencies remain restricted to Nokia’s)

37 thoughts on “Welcome to i8910, QT!

  1. omg i cant believe… u r finally back…. dude welcum back…. wat abt ur studies…??? r u free now… and let me tell u one thing i hav tried all the firmwares of other but n203 is the bet out there… its speed is the best even though i am using turbo app.. but n203 is the best…
    and to be honest i hav’nt sold my omnia hd because of n203… its soo good… anyhow lol i read the whole qt stuff which u wrote but i didnt understand the whole thing….
    is qt available right now or not..

  2. Grande Faenil!!!

    Non sono esperto di QT ma questo post in pratica vuol dire maggiori speranze di compatibilità con tutte le prossime app che usciranno in QT?

    Io ho già installato l’sdk delle qt e stavo provando a fare qualche programmino moooolto semplice! 🙂
    La mia idea era quella di creare un app per abilitare/disabilitare il prefocus nei video, in pratica 2 pulsanti che copiavano i file txt e cre nella cartella 1020be02.. poi però è uscita la super patch di hx! 🙂

    in ogni caso mi sono accorto il cell non veniva riconosciuto per provare l’app direttamente sul cell collegato (come si vede in certi video di aiuto sulle qt), se installo il tuo pacchetto viene riconosciuto?

    Cmq è veramente un post interessante!
    Bravissimo Faenil!! 🙂

  3. Ciao,
    ottimo lavoro!
    Ma quali sono i programmi in QT che possiamo installare adesso?

    per ora pochi, ma nel futuro sarà tutto basato in Qt, symbian^4 è basato su Qt 🙂

  4. Wikitude is a mobile application which uses the Augmented reality (AR) platform, a technique that overlays virtual vision and its information on the real world to enhance human visual perception.it’s a browser that displays points of interest (POIs) on top of the phone’s camera view.

  5. Ciao l’n2o3 è già perfetta…però ti consiglio di implementare la piena compatibilità all’utility guardian mobile antitheft…visto che sulla n2o3 non funziona…ciao

  6. Having problems installing this SIS!
    Error message Component ‘sqlite3’ missing. Continue anyway? OK

    Unable to install QT

    Any ideas how to work around this issue?

    Thank you

    did you read the post? 😉

  7. Respect, respect and one more respect!
    Waiting for Fevves’ test with Wikitude as I use i8910-Wikitude and it crashes sometimes.
    (Seems to run better when already started in landscape than switching to it when ´wikitude alreadey runs)
    Greetings Psy

    P.S.: another respect

    thanks bro 🙂

  8. Yes tried all, but still error message?

    QT Installer 4.07 (0) OK
    Open C LIBSSL Common 1.06 (0) OK
    PIPS Installer 1.06 (0) OK
    Standard C++ 1.06 (0) OK
    Qt 4.07 (0) OK
    QtWebkit 4.07 (0) OK

    Install to E

    QtMobility 1.00(1) OK

    Open C LIBSSL patch 1.06 (0) OK
    Upgrade for Open C 1.06(0) OK
    Symbian OS pips Upgrade 1.06 (0) OK
    Signal Server 1.06(0) OK
    Standard C++ lib patch 1.06(0)OK
    sqlite3 0.50(0) OK
    Symbian OS pips Upgrade

    Error message Component ’sqlite3′ missing. Continue anyway? OK
    Unable to install QT 4.07 required or newer

    At a loss of why this fails.


    try the new one-click installer 😉

  9. Will this QT Technology give support to Anti-Virus & Call Recording softwares on our I8910 HD

    I don’t think it will..but I don’t have enough knowledge to answer your question

  10. I had no luck mounting Nokia WikiTude but it was almost expected as I’m not on n2o3 like most of you guys. I’m waiting for a new faenils build and will test it then, I can’t be bothered to mount n2o3 right now just to see QT working, sorry 🙁

    For those who asked for QT apps… GpSP might be a good thing for gmaers 🙂

    (btw, sumelli mentioned Faenils QT and linked it here)

    Great work!

  11. Ciao, complimenti per lo straordinario lavoro, c’è solo una cosa che vorrei più di ogni altra in questo momento, e che sono sicuro non richiede molto lavoro: un tema migliore!
    Soprattutto per il lettore musicale visto che non è possibile personalizzarlo ed essendo da me molto utilizzato è veramente poco gradevole che abbia quegli orribili temi di default della Samsung.
    Ci sono infiniti temi di ottima qualità come quelli di Pizero, mi chiedevo se non fosse possibile creare una versione aggiornata dell’ultimo firmware con un tema del genere, magari uno “all black” in modo che non si noti molto la differenza fra il lettore musicale ed il resto dell’interfaccia qualora si utilizzi poi un tema differente.

    tranquillo ci sono novità anche per quello 😉
    però dimentica il mediaplayer personalizzabile, non è colpa nostra se la samsung fa casini…

  12. i installed sis file which u give to download… but i cant saw any new app in ma phone…

    it is not an app, it just let you use software written in Qt

  13. I was able to install QT,but I wasnt able to run anything, I tried Wikitude(not installed correctly), AntSnesQT_v06, gpsp4symbian_v051. I hav3e installed QT in C., the other three is installed in F.

    Did I do wrongly? how can I make those run? Thanks..

    tell me which problems you had…gpsp should work ok…antsnes shouldn’t work…for wikitude I’m going to release a special version

  14. When I try gpsp, it runs, but when I load a game, it exits.

    maybe the rom is not working or you have “Keep Aspect Ratio” disabled in video options of the emulator

  15. hi faenil
    To be honest i posted this view to hyper and for you as well,,,
    is it possible to change the keyboard QWERTY ,,i mean when you want to type a message and then to change language is it possible to do by separate button like in I phones,, 😛

    We can’t add layouts…we have 3 layouts, if you add different qwerties you have to sacrifice special characters layout, capital letters layout…

  16. Pingback: GPSP Symbian S60v5 (GBA Emulator) v0.6.1 by Summeli (With support for Satio & Vivaz)
  17. Thanks for all your work Faenil. I’ve installed the QT package and Wikitude works fine. However, I really want to use WordPress for Nokia, which you’ve mentioned, and also Wellness Diary. I’ve downloaded the sis files from the Nokia websites and tried installing them but they go so far before saying “Install failed”. Is that expected? Do they need to be modified as Wikitude is? Also, can you clarify, please, what version of the QT library this is. Thanks.

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