Work in progress

n2o4 is growin up well ๐Ÿ™‚

It will have some special features I still haven’t talked to you about, and it will maybe have a new software for playing around with mods, we’ll call it “modder”, I still haven’t found a nice name for it ๐Ÿ™‚

Moreover, on 22th of July I ordered QT FOR SYMBIAN, a book about qt programming on Symbian platform…
It has arrived yesterday and I have already started my studies ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope that book will be useful, I have something very special in my mind…

I’m still on your side ๐Ÿ˜‰

stay tuned! ๐Ÿ˜‰


71 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. lol@fevves says:
    August 11th, 2010 12:39 pm

    “Lol fevves I see your reputation follows you wherever you goโ€ฆyou are one of the biggest trolls iโ€™ve ever witnessed their existence of, in any kind of forum iโ€™ve been, if not THE biggest.”
    Do you have mirrors at your place? Your mum never told you there is such thing? Poor soul…
    If you had one, you could see one (troll) IRL on par with your own kind – there are no levels in trolling, you all are the same = null. Hell, you don’t even have the courage to write your own interweb nick anywhere, you’re always using different one. Obviously you’re afraid of something or simply insecure of what you’re writing.

    FYI, I don’t intend to mock you up, it’s just simple truth you are neglecting and you know it.

    “Keep up the good work faenil, itโ€™s nice that you copy HXโ€™s idea making your modder, cause competition can only bring us users a better result. Nothing is copyrighted so itโ€™s ok to do so I guess. Iโ€™m using HX V7 cause it is very stable and n2o3 has no features at all even though itโ€™s stable. Itโ€™s not even comparable to V7. V8 is buggy tho featurewise is the best, so now iโ€™m waiting either for n2o4 if you manage to put any interesting feature in there, or the next HX release which will for sure be like V8 but with the bugs fixed. You are still behind HX in rom cooking, however I admire your passion and effort. Good luck.”

    Again with ‘copying an idea’ and ‘lack of features’ and similar BS? Well, then keep HX releases and don’t flood yet again at the guy who’s doing it all for others without obsuring details and agendas.

    If you’re to lazy to install stuff and mod your own phone, then you don’t need a smartphone at all. Take a ‘dumb’ iPhone 4 and leave happy in your own ignorance.

    People who know how to mod their own or apply mods don’t need everything on silver plate (what you call features), but I know Faenil like to be competitive without stealing other people work so it’s a good thing he’s reinventing modding app of his own, though I doubt I would need such app. It’s only bonus and not the main thing. Stability under all conditions is priority in every programming and modding work, and not bloated fast released beta bugware. Faenil also knows that, and that is why his releases are not monthly builds. I just wish your kind of internet trolls never existed, so smart people like faenil wouldn’t waste their time on you, your wishes and your ignorant comments.

    Now… be gone (read: back to your troll hole).

    @faenil; How about ‘i8910 Juggler’ as a name for your modding app?

  2. haahaha man u can cry as much as u want however u want change tge fact everyone laughs at u no matter how much u try to suck up on faenil rofl u r so funny. u r what 12-13 years old? u r ridiculous and so funny

  3. What part of my post you could not comprehend?

    ‘Be gone’ part should had been clear enough IMO.

    Or let me rephraze it just so it’s clear enough for you – mind your own HX buisness and not mine or faenils, you’re out of bounce.

    And you don’t need to refresh this page like 100 times per minute at all… I don’t have so much time to waste on your postings.

  4. Iยดm ansiously waiting for 204, when will we see it?

    VOIP (or the lack of it) is killing me as most apps do NOT work and I need them! We also would benefit from:
    – no-need-to-press-keylock-to-turn on-loudspeaker
    – better JPEG algorithm
    – Nokia VOIP compatibility
    – decent Facebook app

  5. Fevves, please stop being so stubborn. People don’t like you playing a cop everywhere. Haven’t you gotten a clue already? Do what ever you want in your forum but stop being a child and calling other names.. That really doesn’ t give you the winning argument. This blog is about FAENILS work and it should be up to him to moderate it, no? You don’t need to repeat youself if you don’t agree with me. Just realise that you aren’t always right and everyone aren’t “trolls” for telling you so..

  6. Commenting and defending my views is considered moderating this blog? Your own fault is in act here, i8920. Why should I tolerate pricks offending me? I see no reason when, as a starter, I’m merely commenting and then small bunch of trolls come with their ignorant posts. I know how to voice myself, and you’re simply having the same barren grudge like few posters here, ignoring the simple fact anyone can have an opinion without ‘having their own site or forums’ while commenting constructively. You’re failing to realize that?

    If faenil wants to delete my comments here, he knows he can do it and I wouldn’t have anything against his decision. You, on the other hand, seem willing to pick and fuel a flame, where there is none.

    Now go on and tell me once again to STFU and similar BS. It will show the very essence of your own maturity and intention to post here. And do use your proper nick next time around, not an invented one like few posters before you, thanks.

    Fake? Yes you are… get a grip and return to your only God. You’re so happy with his work, why posting here in the first place (oh my, I forgot, you hate me)? Spying on ‘stealing ideas’? Good one – NOT.

    Be gone (once again).

  7. Lol fevves i see the whole world is against u, now another user pissed by you?give it up man, grow up seriously, stop trolling around and grow up. Get a life leave your house once in a month at least! come on!

  8. can anybody tell me why ppl r still here waiting for n204. cumon guyz. flash ur firmware to v8. it is the best damn rom available ever. and i didnt found any bug in it. it is stable and fast and best.
    faenil if u want to give a best firmware u hav to copy thing which r new in hx v8 like that keyboard feature from portrait to landscape on rotating, fluid scroll in music and hx patcher.
    best of luck if u r still thinking of cooking after seeing v8.

  9. @hd, if you like HX it’s fine, no one asked your opinion so keep it for your self or post it on a neutral site not here. If you want to have a fight go to you local bar or whatever. Fevves you are completely right!
    Once again bitches stop screaming and only post things that are handy for Faenil.


  10. Correction, i’m not pissed at fevves, i have no reson to be. Just gave my opinion since disagreening isn’t neccesarily trolling. Being hostile against faenil is another thing entirely. And one more thing, i8920 is my nick on this blog and has been a while. Now that it’s cleared i’m really looking to what 204 can offer. I hope you can solve call recording issue faenil.. And perhaps remove the kinetic scrolling in menu to get the precision of right hand menu icons back…

  11. fevves, stop it bro. dnt degrade ur reputation by rplying to such comments. they dnt deserve ur rply. and i totally disagree with u on hx v 7 stability against n203. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy FAENIL stop going out with ur girlfrnd bro. its too late,i think u r lagging behind in this race. i hope u got me.

  12. hello everybody…ans as well Faenil
    guys .. through my search in the net,,, i found that there is FM TX in our phone,, to be short follow this:
    go to file browser then Z:\SYS\BIN then search for the file named as FMRadioTest.exe then open it u will have the following

    [FM Radio Main ]

    [1]Rx Mode ……… press 1 u will go for radio
    [2]Tx Mode………… press 2 u will go for FM radio Tx Mode press 1, FM Tx will be on,, there u can put frequency
    any body can hack specially Faenil

  13. @Fevves keep your head up high dude don’t let the (as you say quite rightly) ‘pricks’ take your time. I’ve read so many posts by you over many sites so I know that you are a worthwhile asset in the i8910 community willing to help others with no benefit to yourself. I am thankful for guys like you.

    @Faenil Dude you are the man! Highly appreciate all the hard work you put in to helping us.
    Cannot wait for N204! any idea’s on the ETA? ๐Ÿ˜€

    @all the BS’rs. You had a phone that was buggy/slow and restricted. Be thankful of all that provide custom roms as they ALL make the i8910 scene a better one. The competition between Faenil and Hyper is a healthy one that will only bring us good things. disrespecting faenil’s or Hypers efforts will make them less eager to help us. Be happy or quite politely go away and shhh
    From a happy i8910 user ๐Ÿ™‚

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