working hard for you…

Hi guys sorry if I haven’t been posting much lately…

I have been working hard on n2o4 during these days, I haven’t posted anything because I’m doing many experiments at the same time and none has reached the end…yet…:twisted:
there’s much to come…

just a few things…

– Fixed scrolling in mediaplayer
– Rotating qwerty
– MiniQwerty

because those mods have been developed only by pnht which have denied my request to use them in n2o4,
so please stop asking for those, thanks 🙂


If you need any help, feel free to join the live chat and ask away! 😉


35 thoughts on “working hard for you…

  1. le cose troppo pasticciate non mi sono mai piaciute (la n.8 dell’altro cuoco x me è venuta male), addirittura preferirei una “naked” tutta in italiano…

  2. Hi Faenil!
    Brilliant – exactly the two things that I will never need becase I use TTPod and Dayhandinput.
    Good news for me and many others I think.
    Please do nothing with the i8910 foto-codec because it is the best.
    KS in menu is not so bad as it is up to date (every new phone has it).
    Keep yourself covered about your new projects – this will be bad news for the odd-league
    and will take them from behind!
    Honestly I do not miss anything.
    I am using Basic Homescreen with 10 little Widgetizer-Shortcuts
    and my battery is now in the 4th day with 3 bars left.
    I advised your n2o3 to a user who wanted perfect video-audio-sync and he also installed the nosuppressorsync but he had 2 seconds delay after 7 minutes and pausing alot during a beach volleyball game. Are you able to check this? I know 10 days are not much time…
    Greetings Psy

  3. All is good mate, take your time releasing a stable firmware, the denial stuff is extra in firmware but i wont exchange it for stability and reliability, for me they are no tolerance zone lol, above all aspects.


  4. i think it’s depressing the way the so-called modding scene is closing more and more instead of cooperating. Apart from this, take your time man and keep your hard work up!
    The enthusiastic feedback one could receive is the best satisfaction for a cooker, but somebody seem to forget recently. Again, THX! :mrgreen:

  5. Le cose che non ci dobbiamo aspettare elencate da te sono cose di cui si può fare benissimo a meno, che non sono così indispensabili….attendiamo con ansia le almeno 2 cose nuove ;D

  6. Per quanto riguarda lo scrolling del mediaplayer non ritengo sia fondamentale. Sarebbe ben più importante il fix della galleria fotografica, anche se mi sa che è impossibile. Invece per quanto riguarda la tastiera mini-querty di phnt, non crucciarti minimamente, è completamente inutile. Per utilizzarla, secondo me, bisogna avere la vista di un’aquila e le dita da scoiattolo, altrimenti non ci si riesce proprio. Potresti, invece, provare a migliorare la Dayhandimput gigante che già è ottima di suo, ma con qualche miglioria potrebbe essere la migliore tastiera di sempre per il nostro dispositivo.
    In ogni caso buon ferragosto e poi anche buon lavoro.

  7. Hellooooooooo Faenil
    It’s nice to hear from u.. after long disappearing. any how we expect something extraordinary from u,,,, my request that if u can change the qwerty to have extra button for changing language same as I phone….and also to modify wmv codecs not all wmv files ca be played ,, itried other player like july,,and core players same prob….

  8. Ciao.. io ti scrivo in italiano perche con l’inglese nn vò per nulla daccordo xD
    Volevo chiedere una cosina.. magari per un futuro aggiornamento e nn necessariamente per la n2o4…
    Visto che il Player di serie sia di foto che di audio fanno pena… non è possibile implementare in galleria magari come hai fatto in messaggi con conversation, tipo lcg Jukebox (che ormai uso da mesi e mi piace veramente tanto sia per l’audio pulito che per le copertine e per i testi scaricabili in poki click…) e un programma per visualizzare foto?… la mia è solo una idea.. 🙂
    Grazie veramente per il lavoro che fai… sei l’unico cuoco che sforna rom funzionali e veramente stabili…

  9. sono veramente contento che voi tutti abbiate capito che non e colpa sua anche l’altro cuoco non avrebbe avuto le ultime mod se non ci fosse stato il team pnht quindi bisogna solo rispettare il duro lavoro di faenil che comunque dedica a se a noi tutti buona parte della sua vita privata

  10. so what ? pnht doesnt allow big deal the files are availavle you can use them wireless did even if they allowed him why dont you add them is like telling me to not use lepack to extract the firmware source that is bullsh…..

    ok then lets play it the other way release your firmware i will mod it to enable fix kinetic and release it that simple whose gonna tell me what to do as long the files are free to find

    ps i will give credits to these guys pnht and you also you see no harm at all

    – Fixed scrolling in mediaplayer

    You just lost my vote.. 😎
    kinetic scrolling should be the #1 priority!
    but then again HX firmwares offer much more anyways…

  12. HD, i didn’t know that a fix for serious BUG introduced by Samsung in media player follows same stupid copyright rules? 😯 has the world gone mad?

  13. Hi Faenil,

    Both you and Andy are doing an amazing job for sure!

    That being said, I for one am looking forward to your n204. I’ve been running HX firmware a long time, but have found your n203 less buggy. Which is important.

    I don’t care much for flashy displays and fancy themes. I need a fast machine with stable operation.

    So keep up the good work :o)


  14. If proper KS in MP depends on XM5800 libs you know you can download XM5800 V5 c/p C&Z dump I made back then when Nokia released it. If I recall well, you had V4 dump..


  15. @fevves, what did you write exactly in your comment above? Did you mean you know a way to fix mediaplayer kinnetic scroll? If so tell me

  16. Great work! love your firmware. Look forward to the new one!

    I have to agree with darknight007 on the issue of bugy kinetic scrolling in the MP. It’s a malfunction and not someone else’s invention. Not fixing it just because someone else fixed it first is a bit silly. As for the different kinds of keyboards, I guess that can be “copyrighted”.

    Thanks a lot

    Not fixing it?!?!
    I’d like to fix it! But they don’t let me use their mod, and I can’t make one myself!
    keyboards copyrighted? That miniqwerty is from 5800!!
    You’re a bit confused, please get informed before blaming…

    thanks 🙂

  17. Cool, looking forward to seeing the new firmware 🙂

    And don’t worry about the pnht not wanting to share their mods..they got their heads stuck in their asses 😉
    But you can be sure any mods you make, will suddenly start appearing in other firmwares and probably without credit 😛 That’s the world for ya..but be the bigger man and shrug it off 😀

    Anyways, good to hear from you 🙂 Take care

  18. @faenil: I already said my XM5800 dumps are there for you – you might find XM5800 peninputserver can do miracles and IS NOT ONLY ONE MAN DISCOVERY AT ALL! let me know if you still want or need it.

    btw – rotating alphanumeric to full qwerty is possible only on rom cooking level and it’s achieved by replacing only one file in rofs!


    – Fixed scrolling in mediaplayer
    – Rotating qwerty
    – MiniQwerty

    because those mods have been developed only by pnht which have denied my request to use them in n2o4,
    so please stop asking for those, thanks

    ma che significa???? nel senso tu hai modificato le QT per il nostro HD e HX le pubblica sul suo sito! è la stessa faenil fatti rispettare..fino ad oggi ogni mod inventata da te o da altri e stata condivisa per il bene della comunità (e del nostro dispositivo), ora nn se ne possono uscire con le esclusive 😕 ! sbaglio o l’idea di Facebook era venuta prima a te???…e il backup???

    scusate lo sfogo…io non preferisco ne HX ne faenil…ma quel che è giusto e giusto! 👿

  20. Faenil l’unico modo per smuoverli e’ stupirli con qualche novita’ Che possa fargli goal, e poi, cosa e’ sat storia Che usano le qt prese da qua?

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