103 thoughts on “i8910 n2o5, language packs

    1. unfortunately not πŸ™ There’s a bug with ovimaps (or ovistore, I don’t remember which one) if I include more than 24 languages in the fw…

      I could create a poll to see which languages have less i8910 users to delete those ones, but I think Lithuanian will be part of those anyway…

  1. ciao faenil, una domanda che non c’entra niente con lo sviluppo della n2o5… si tratta di una cosa che mi succede da qualche mese: Γ¨ normale che circa una volta su 10 il tuo sito mi si apre in versione mobile? mi capita con chrome, chromeplus ed opera… solo la home, poi cliccando su un articolo torna la versione corretta…

    1. purtroppo sΓ¬, so anche dov’Γ¨ il problema ma non so risolverlo…

      il problema Γ¨ che il plugin di cache delle pagine che uso non discerne tra visitatori mobile e visitatori desktop.

      La cache viene cancellata una volta al giorno, e poi viene tenuta in cache la pagina che scarica il primo visitatore.

      Per cui, se quando viene cancellata la cache il primo visitatore Γ¨ mobile, la pagina in cache sarΓ  quella mobile, e tu vedrai la pagina mobile anche da desktop…

      non so se sono stato chiaro, comunque il problema Γ¨ questo πŸ™‚

      1. Hey, Faenil, in our sites about mobile phones and etc, there are alot of lithuanian people and they are using Your custom firmwares instead of HyperX, they’ll be very glad, to have your CF with lithuanian language, trust me :}}

  2. Does it maybe have latest swype? Also when holding the phone vertically? I remember you showing it on n204, but the qwerty keyboard was horizontal in it if memory serves…

  3. Ciao faenil!! Cuando rilasci ci dai link per le ultime versioni di ovimaps/ovistore/swype funzionanti con la n2o5?? In attesa della tua Rom..dajeeee

  4. Hi faenil, are you making a no ks version this time too?

    btw -5 days to harmattan\meego announcement!
    can’t wait to flash my i8910 one last time!

  5. Hi faenil
    a pwesian language pack would be nice but I guess
    the best I can hope is an English only Language
    with international keyboaed (and hope persian be
    in the keyboard)

    1. unfortunately persian files are bugged, because the latest persian firmware is too old for the files to be included in newer firmwares like n2o5… πŸ™

      but yes, you’ll have persian keyboard anyway πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi faenil,

      I’ve changed to your firmware just because of the portuguese language pack, of course it’s features… Will the new one have portuguese?

      Cheers from Portugal.

  6. ciao faenil!includerai anche la lingua Na’vi nella rom?ti prego e’ troppo importante x noi! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ah vorrei anche un orologio atomico ti prego. Ahahahah!Ciao Diego

  7. thanks faenil, for the coming firmware…
    mmmmm is hindi there? m just asking for info… not required though.
    actually once hyperx has included for writing purpose.
    anyway m finger croosed.

  8. ciao Faenil,il nuovo firmware,avrra implementata la lingua romena?grazzie,e ti augurro una buona giormata o serra,dipende da quando leggi il mes.

  9. I know you said romanian and bulgarian language pack has some bugs, but I was just wondering if there is no workaround for that? Because I know chinese language had some problems too…
    Anyway, thank you for everything you have done for our beloved i8910 πŸ™‚

  10. as once i sugestedd,you may name ,your last cfw, the TITANIC,because it would match with it as the biggest,greatest man made.Is nothing cocking around,but the credits are alls your.CHEERS

  11. Please Design a beautiful theme for n205, the last one was ok but not that much eye catching, PLUS it would be great if the icons at the bottom remain original (whitish)

  12. REQUEST: is it possible for you to put all the original themes, tunes and wallpaper in your new firmware ? and they automatically go in to the E drive????

  13. well.. i m gonna use faenil’s firmware & i m really excited..hx is just nt enough seems frustated ..& u r still so positive abt i8910… cheers & hope it’s gonna b a huge success…

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